Elon Musk Drops Lawsuit Against Open AI

Elon Musk Drops Lawsuit Against Open AI

Elon Musk suddenly dropped a lawsuit against Open-AI. Musk filed the case earlier this year. Musk, who competes with OPEN-AI with his X-AI (X was Twitter, previously) claimed that Open-AI had become more profit-motivated, rather than using AI for humanitarian-motivated.

Musk- being outrageous and ambiguous as he is usually called by his competitors, contrary, kept silent on the matter, not justifying his decision.

Musk’s Lawsuit Against Open AI

Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against Open-AI in February. Musk pointed out that the AI firm had changed its priority from humanitarian-incentive to profit-incentive.

Musk recorded a statement, “To this day, OpenAI Inc’s website continues to profess that its charter is to ensure that AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) benefits all of humanity “.

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Musk further states, “In reality, however, OpenAI Inc has been transformed into a closed-source de facto subsidiary of the largest technology company in the world: Microsoft”.

It is pertinent to note that Open-AI had signed an investment deal with Microsoft earlier, which may have infuriated Musk.

Musk, taking a step back,

Musk, originally cofounded the company Open-AI in 2015 and left it after, focusing on Tesla, Space X, and others. Open-AI resisted, stating that the company had no funding agreement with Musk.

Open-AI has accused that Musk was after its success, seeing the remarkable technological advances it has developed.

Musk, taking back his lawsuit: days before the hearing is an oversight of his defeat in the court.

In recent events, Musk threatened to ban Apple and others from X, seeking a partnership with Open-AI.  

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