Affordable Electric Car Worth Rs. 4 Lacs Introduced In Pakistan

affordable electric car

In a recent breakthrough, Pakistan based automobile company The Crown Group has introduced its own range of vehicles in Pakistan.

While announcing their new range of vehicles on Friday, The Crown Group said that they have launched environmental friendly vehicles which can be available at affordable prices in Pakistan. The vehicles are user-friendly as well as saves a lot of money.

Reportedly, the starting price for an electric car, a pilot project, is Rs400,000. It’s a two-door hatchback with a seating capacity of two persons. The prices of the rickshaws and motorcycles are between Rs200,000 and Rs55,000 respectively.

electric car in pakistan

source: Samaa

However, the vehicles are not yet available in the market. The company has recently organised market testing and sales display of its three and four-wheel electric vehicles. According to Crown Group Chairman Muhammad Farhan Hanif, the new additions will enable users to drive one kilometer for only Rs1.25. It will be the cheapest commute option for the Pakistani people after successful completion of its testing.

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Earlier, few other foreign electric cars are available in the Pakistani market but they are quite expensive for common people. Although electric vehicles are cost-saving, but the question of availability of electricity and electric infrastructure in Pakistan is a big question mark on the authorities.

The company is also looking forward to expand its business, once the government finalises its vehicle policy. They have also collaborated with some Chinese manufacturer for its production plant.

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