Check: Electric Buses In Karachi Hit Karachi Roads

Electric Buses In Karachi

Sharjeel Inam Memon, the minister of Sindh’s transportation, launched on Monday a new electric bus service for the residents of Karachi.

These buses, according to Express News, can go 240 kilometres on a single 20-minute charge. During the test run, they will transport passengers between Sindh Archive Complex and Sea View.

After analysing a test run, Sharjeel spoke to the media and announced that the electric buses would begin service for commuters after 10 days of testing. He added that because the buses were 12 metres long, they would operate on routes with less traffic. He stated that the bus routes would shortly be released.

He explained that the buses would be powered by solar energy, and the project’s management organisation would also put up the charging stations for the vehicles.

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He claimed that the government was in talks with two to three major corporations about establishing plants in Karachi, which would also provide people with employment possibilities.

“The price of importing these electric buses is twice as much as that of hybrid diesel buses. By establishing a plant in Karachi, the import tariff will be lower and buses will be more affordable “Added he.

The project will also be expanded to other significant cities in Sindh, the minister added, adding that the cost of electric buses will be less than that of Red Buses.

According to Project Director Sohaib Shafiq, each of these buses can accommodate 32 passengers while standing room for an additional 35 to 40 passengers, and it also includes two special-needs seats.

He added that the UP Mor bus depot in North Karachi now has a charging station.

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