This Election Tweet by Government of Pakistan Is a Little Too Much and You Will See WHY!

The general elections of 2018 are set to take place tomorrow in Pakistan. Fingers are crossed, opinions are surging, millions have spent on campaigns so far and it does not get bigger than this. Every Pakistani and registered voter is ready to practice their constitutional right of casting vote to candidates of their choice.

In the meantime, people are being urged to go out and vote for any candidate they want. Government and political parties are motivating people to go out and make a difference with voting for any candidate they put their trust in. Every voter is supposed to practice their constitutional right by voting on the election day regardless of whoever they support. In fact, the Government of Pakistan was up to something yesterday in order to motivate Pakistanis to vote but looks like, they went a little too far…

Here’s the tweet by Government of Pakistan; let that sink in…

Although the tweet was removed shortly after there was an uproar on social media. Pakistanis were quick to notice the apparent detail which left everyone to either laugh or scratch their heads in embarrassment.

Source: Twitter

We assume you know who Al Capone is. If not, then Google is just a few taps away. He is one of the most popular drug lords of South American who amassed a fortune from his illegal business. He was also on the watch of many international agencies and one of the largest outlets carrying out drug supply all over the world.

And here we go, the reaction of people over such a tweet!

These antics are seriously unbelievable!

Seriously, of all the quotable quotes, then had to use this one

Does not really make sense why people would vote often and not when it’s actually needed

A true embarrassment actually


Guess it was somebody’s last day on the job or an intern doing intern things!

You cannot go about this behavior on social media. This is a Government-level-FAIL and we may not forget it any time soon.

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