EIU Ranks Pakistan Among The ‘Least Internet Inclusive’ Country In Asia!

pakistan inclusive internet index

According to the Inclusive Internet Index for the year 2020, Pakistan has made it among the last numbers as compared to the other well-developed countries. The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) released this year’s list enumerates that Pakistan falls in the last quartile of the global index overall.

As per the list, Pakistan ranks at the 76th position out of a total of 100 countries.

pakistan least internet inclusive

source: dawn

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What Do The Statistics Say?

The Inclusive Internet Statistics basically categorizes countries from all around depending on their internet statistics. Statistics like the availability of the internet, affordability, and about how many of them are potentially using it.

The survey conducted, enumerates about 91% of the world population and 96% of the global GDP. Henceforth, on a scale of best to worst, our beloved country came amongst the worst ones.

Within the 4 categories, Pakistan’s performance was quite poor, especially in the category of availability of internet services. With a rank of 86th among 100 countries.

Nevertheless, in terms of people primed to use internet services, Pakistan is placed on the 64th rank. Moreover, placing on the 71st position for the existence of content that depicts the local language and relevance.

pakistan least internet inclusive

source: samaa

However, the country did relatively well in the category of affordability, with a position on the 57th number. Thus, proving that there is still some competition for the other countries in the internet marketplace.

Importantly, countries like Bangladesh, Srilanka, India supersede Pakistan on the very same list, and countries like Sweden, New Zealand and the USA secured the top positions.

Rationale For Pakistan’s 76th Position!

With the list released, officials enlisted certain reasons as to why certain countries have achieved a low rank. Describing a few of the reasons, as one of them is about 3.5 billion people being deprived of internet access.

According to the official poll, the low-income countries are especially the ones where internet facilities are used the least. For starters, only 9.9% of the households belonging to the low-income countries had proper access to the internet. Whereas, in richer countries, 88.5% of the households had fully abridged access.

pakistan least internet inclusive

source: dawn

Another important reason can be the use of mobile data. Officials say that with mobile devices ready to operate 5G, the probability that mobile data will surely revolutionize internet usage.

Last but not least, the gender gap can be a good defining reason as to why the internet use is drastically low. Statistically speaking, the male gender is 13% more likely to use internet facilities than the female gender. However, we do now that in certain households, Pakistani women are not allowed to use the internet. This could be a grave reason for these statistics to mold out like this.

Undoubtedly, international statistics also say the same that low-income countries have this high-gender gap. And without any question, Pakistan does lie in low-income countries.

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