Eid Ul Adha – A Sacred Event We Have Turned Into Something Else

eid ul adha

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Eid Ul Adha is the Islamic festival that we have been celebrating for centuries. Like every year, this year’s Eid Ul Adha is also coming soon. This year’s Eid Ul Adha is very different from previous years. As we all know the whole world is infected; with the COVID 19, we need to celebrate our Islamic festival by taking special care of the SOP’s.

Eid Ul Adha is the sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim AS but unfortunately the people; of the 21st century, have strayed from its main purpose and have been more engaged; in showing off, in comparison of whose animal fights better and runs faster. Checking it, they run their animals and make them fight with each other.

While Islam has strictly forbidden to torture animals, during fights, if an animal gets injured, its sacrifice will not be accepted in Islam. In olden times, people were far from showing off, comparison, and such activities. They used to treat their animals like their family members, but now people are fake. If someone even feeds their animal, it is so they can upload its picture on social media.

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However, we should take special care of sacrificial animals because, on the Day of Judgement, they will make us cross “Pul Sirat” which is a bridge every human being must pass to enter paradise.

Yesterday, my father went to the cattle market and there he saw; that a man purchased a cow of 20 lakhs, but he could also buy 20 cows for the same price and could also give; to welfare institutions and poor settlements; which would bring happiness to so many people’s homes because there are so many people; who cannot buy meat because of inflation. But this pretentious disease has disrupted people’s thinking ability.

In fact, due to this Pandemic, many people have lost their jobs and are in severe crisis. The fact is, people belonging to the lower class could even ask for meat; by going door to door in different houses but the real problem is with the people; who belong from the middle class – they can’t even ask for meat because of their self-esteem. Therefore, we should help such people.

Those who sacrifice for the sake of showing off, Allah will not accept; their sacrifice, because the sacrifice depends on the intention. We must sacrifice, for God, not for showing off to people. We all know that sacrificial meat consists of three parts; one of ours, our relatives, and of poor people. Unfortunately, while people are becoming modern, their thoughts are getting smaller.

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They store most of the sacrificial meat to themselves; which is not only wrong from an Islamic point of view, but also to our health.

Research has shown that storing meat for too many days makes it unhygienic; which is injurious to our health. Therefore, people should change their typical mindset and should divide meat equally into all three parts.

Another important issue that happens after the animal sacrifice is of hygiene; because after the sacrifice, there is a very strange scene. There are blood and dirt everywhere; which causes smell in the whole atmosphere. This is why people should put lime outside their homes; after the sacrifice and take special care of cleanliness. If everyone would take care of cleanliness, our streets and city will be clean.

If we can take care of all these important factors; mentioned above, we can celebrate our Islamic festival like a civilized nation.

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