This Is How 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Day of Eid Look Like In Every Muslim Household

Eid day

This has to be interesting – the subject that addresses every activity that happens on the three days of Eid. Let’s start by laying all the common facts. If you don’t agree, you have to give us a good reason in the comments of this article. However, if you agree then, friend, you’re a mainstream Muslim kid just like the rest of us.

So, here is how 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of Eid looks like in every Muslim household:

1st day of Eid

Sleep, sleep, and some more sleep

Unlike our parents who wake up early in the morning to make meethi sawayyian and offer Eid namaz, we, who are the most excited a night before, prefer sleeping throughout the crucial hours in the morning. That’s not quite it. We are also guilty of spending the entire day sleeping. Why? Because there’s literally nothing to do. You wake up, you chant and hug Eid Mubarak to everyone at home, and then what? Yeah, your bed and you.

Eid days

A day to make the most Eidi

No day is better than the first day of Eid. If you’re young and qualify to take Eidi, this day is your day. Need a tip? Try to steer clear of your mother who might have an eye on your collected Eidi. Sidestep her logics to take away you Eid by completely ignoring her presence after the guests leave. Better yet, make sure your Ammi doesn’t know how much you got Eidi. This way if you have to hand over your Eidi, you get to share only a tiny portion of it. Thank us later.

Forwarded messages that never get read

Chaad raat is supposed to be the most excited one. You wait until the Mufti declares the sighting of Eid ka chaand. You all hug each other in celebration (not this year), followed by the constant ringing of phones. Apparently, 2020 is just as old-fashioned as 2010 and we still like forwarding Eid wishes to out friends that hardly anyone reads. We know you’re one of them!

A momentary excitement followed by hours of dullness

After the excitement of wishing everyone is over, our next move is to look at each other until everything becomes the same as other days. That’s when boredom hits you and you start questioning what made you excited in the first place. You turn to your room and bless your health with some more hours of sleep.

Eid day dullness

Boasting off mehndi

While many follow the sleeping ritual, there are also those who look forward to uploading their mandatory photoshoot on Facebook. Yes, you know who we are talking about. Well, we love this trend. Even for those with an inkling of motivation to get dressed, actually, get dressed upon seeing those Facebook images by their friends.


The best part about Eid is food! Undoubtedly, Eid food is the best! You can eat whatever and however much you want and your mother won’t bat an eye. This day might be the right time to demand anything you want. Your parents won’t say no. Unless it’s a Mercedes. Don’t go too far, you may blow the smaller chances as well.

Eid day food

Calling your grandparents

We said “calling” in the respect of lockdown. Unlike last year, this might be the only sad side of Eid. You can’t visit your grandparents. Just as real is a coronavirus, our advice on staying home with your family is the same real. Look at Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Egypt for inspiration. These are some responsible countries and they know what to do in such dangerous times. Therefore, making calls to your grandparents, wishing them Eid would be best. Remember them in spirit and try to make the habit of calling them every now and then. You never know, this lockdown may not be too well for them as well.

Now, this was the 1st day of Eid. Let’s talk about the 2nd day now.

2nd day of Eid

Those that spent the first day of Eid sleeping, vouch to celebrate the second day fully. Well, do they really? It’s the thought of wasting the main day of Eid that lazes them into the 2nd day of Eid. More or less, the second day is as boring as the 1st day of Eid.

Guests and relatives

The first day of Eid is mostly reserved for the visiting of the immediate family. It is a tradition to either wait for your close ones or to take a tour yourself. Of course, you have to make some Eidi. While 1st day is the best day to collect as much Eidi as you can, the second day becomes the rudimentary collection of Eid from distant relatives. The amount that you get is usually not that good anyway so no pains, no gains. The second day officially becomes the day to visit your relatives or await their arrival. Fun, isn’t it? Not for the women who have to serve them.

Eid day guests

3rd day of Eid

This is the saddest of the three days. It reminds one that Eid is ending, and life will be boring again. We bet every person who practices Ramadan the right way, loves the routine, and secretly wait for it every year.

Continuation of the old monotonous routine

Most of the adults get to attend their offices, only some get off. Those who get off, make sure everybody knows they’re off – don’t leave a chance boasting off. In summary, 3rd day is the one that serves as a reminder of the monotonous, less blessed days to follow. It leaves a sentiment of longing – a sweet aching of the heart that keeps hoping for the time to race until the next Ramadan.

Don’t miss offering Eid prayer, though, whether you have to do it at home, just do it. It’s a must. However, your Eidi because of the pandemic may suffer this year, sadly.


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