EgyptAir, Another Plane Added to the List of Vanished Flights

Reported two hours ago, EgyptAir flight is claimed to have dropped off the radar last night when on-route a flight from Paris to Cairo.

Disappearing over the South East of Greece, despite everything operating seemingly normally, while search and rescue teams set up immediately to monitor the grounds.

EgyptAir has been releasing information on their Twitter, giving important details regarding the disappearance:

One amongst the many to have disappeared over the past few years, EgyptAir is rallying its best resources to recover the plane as soon as possible. 

Meteorologists alongside other experts are trying to assess the environmental conditions under which the plane disappeared, and for how long the people on the flight would be able to survive a crash , should it be the worst case scenario.

With the past equally horrifying instances, people now, more than ever, unite in solidarity.


*Updates soon to follow.

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