The effervescent Pakistani truck art goes international!

Pakistan’s rich culture and heritage is not celebrated by the natives but it’s largely followed, learnt, and practiced by the people abroad. The multi-lingual nature and ethnic diversity of Pakistan enriches it with culture and art of each ethnicity making it a brilliant colorful mosaic of cultural brilliance. The beautiful art made and practiced in Pakistan is one most prominent jewel in the crown of Pakistani culture. There are numerous form of arts practiced in Pakistan such as painting, sculptures, calligraphy, architecture, and cloth designing. Pakistani art is not only the inclusive amalgamation of various ethnic groups but it also is influenced from various regions. Historically, Pakistani art is influenced from the times of Mughal era, Arabic art, and also reflect Persian tastes of art.  But the unique selling proposition of Pakistani art is its purity and its existence itself that is ubiquitous in various forms in the country.

The art that is solely the invention of Pakistan and has earned appreciation from aestheticians belonging from different regions of the world is Truck Art. The Drivers of trucks consider their trucks as their family member. They spend greater part of their lives in the truck so they decorate and protect it like the one decorate his home. The trucks are decorated by drivers with beautiful colorful patterns, textures, celebrity paintings, quotations, and brilliant wood work. Owing to the quality and beauty, the truck art is an expensive hobby but truck drivers don’t think twice before spending greater part of their earnings on decorating truck with truck art paintings. They put on favorite quotations and poetic verses to speak their heart out. It’s amazing to see the truck art and how it is used by drivers to portray their affection and love to truck.

They develop the emotional attachment witht their well decorated trucks which is not hard to believe. Looking at the increasing popularity of the truck art, the taxis, rickshaws, and even the cars in the cities are going for truck art.

So, Trucks in Pakistan are way beyond just the means of transport, and one can find the finest pieces of art on them and be mesmerized. The attraction lies in the patterns and textures filled with vibrant colors that freshen up eyes and the mind. The truck art is covered al over the truck’s body not leaving even the inch of space on the outer body. The patterns are chose by the owner of the truck. Apart from core patterns of truck art, few truck drivers want portraits of their favorite personalities; some go for quotations and poetic verses depending on their choice. They often go for the painter’s choice as well. The drivers with aesthetic sense opt for decorative chains attached on both sides of the vehicle so that when the truck moves, it makes euphonic sounds. We also witness the large three-dimensional sculptures of eagles or tigers fitted on the top-front side of the truck.

These all paintings, sculptures and woodwork reflect the drivers’ affection towards his vehicle. It’s so fascinating that a person with slightest fondness of art will fall in love with it. Beautifully decorated truck with paintings remind also remind drivers of their homes.Pakistani truck art has become an integral part of Pakistani fashion as we see women getting truck art designs and embroidery on the clothes.

Numerous art galleries have been opened where the small objects are painted with colorful textures. We even truck art paintings on the glasses, cups, mugs, tables, and chairs, which are available in the urban areas as well. The Pakistani truck art paintings are recognized as a proper art field in different countries of the world such as U.S. and Japan. Japan has gone to an extent of collaborating with Pakistani Truck art painters to introduce it in Japan and the projects are being carried successfully thus giving the art truck the international recognition as an art.

Here are the pictures of Truck Paintings!



It’s usually the drivers belonging from the northern Pakistan who decorate their trucks with beautiful truck art paintings. Look at this beautiful vehicle having vibrant artwork all over it.




Few more truck art paintings!

ta 3


The colors of red and blue are used more in the the truck art paintings as they catch the eye and makes the vehicle ever more attractive.


ta 5

 It usually takes an artist around 20 days to cover the truck art paintings all over the truck. it also depends on what paintings and textures for truck art are opted by the owner.

ta 4

The truck art painter is seen painting a beautiful texture with flashy orange color



A prototype of truck art work put at an exhibition in Karachi.

ta 7


The paintings of birds and fairies are common in truck art paintings

ta 9


The real beauty of truck art is to be seen at night when it glows beautiful vibrant colors on putting the light!

ta 10


The first Truck artist ever was Ustad Elahi Bukhsh. He owns a big shop now in Karachi where he guides his son to perform the beautiful work




Pakistani truck art is shown at an exhibition in Japan. The investors in Japan have hired Pakistani truck artist to teach and practice truck art in Japan.

ta 15 japan


Pakistani truck artist performed the art on Japanese trucks. The picture below shows the collaborative work Pakistani truck artists and Japanese artists to produce the perfect blend of beauty and the quality.

ta 16 japan


A man in Washington shows his car made painted with truck art. The Pakistani truck art is taught and practiced extensively in U.S.

ta 13 wahsingtn

ta 14 turkey


Enjoy the class and the beauty of truck art textures and design in the following pictures. I bet, you will get mesmerized.

tex 6


tex 8

tex 9

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