Six Effective Exercises To Relieve Back Pain While Working From Home

Exercises back pain

As COVID-19 also brought curfews and lockdowns many office goers resorted to work from home. While this may sound like a piece of cake, working from your bed or sofas can cause some serious back pain, and employees should start exercises for back pain.

Without proper seating arrangement and working a 9 to 5 every day, bad posture is causing loads of people are suffering from back pain.

“The problem is the amount of time we spend in a particular posture, so a more likely cause of your back or neck pain is lack of movement,” says Rushabh Savla, a specialist in shoulder, neck, and head injuries.

‘In the tissues of our body are sensors called ‘acid-sensing ion channels’ (ASICs). These sensors detect changes in pH – how acid or alkali the tissue is. If we don’t move, these sensors produce a sensation of discomfort or pain.’

To help people working from home, the exert has listed six exercises. Gentle in nature, these movements are beginner-friendly and easy to do!

Follow these steps and free yourself from that annoying back pain today!

1. Prone Cobra on elbows

Press down firmly through your palms and elbows. Keep your hips and pelvis on the ground.

2. Child’s pose

Lower your bottom as close to your heels as possible while stretching your arms out in front.

3. Child’s pose with rotation

Like the child’s pose, lower your bottom to the heels. Then take one hand and reach diagonally across. The other hand can rest on the lower back.

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4. Bent leg spinal twist


With feet together and knees bent, take your legs down to one side and hold. Then switch sides.

5. The rocker

Hold your knees together and pull them close into your chest. Then rock gently back and forward, side to side, and make circles with your lower back on the floor.

If you can’t wrap your hand around your legs, use a towel.

6. Deep breathing

Lie comfortably with one palm on the chest and the other on the belly. Take long slow deep breaths. This opens up the abdominal area and gently stretches the deep back and core muscles.

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