Govt Decides To Reopen Educational Institutions Countrywide From Sept 15

Govt Decides To Reopen Educational Institutions Countrywide From Sept 15

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After tremendous issues and a lot of inconvenience for both students and institutions, it seems a mutual agreement has been reached. The education minister of Pakistan has just confirmed that all institutions, will reopen on September 15.

All educational institutions to reopen countrywide from Sept 15

The date for the reopening of all educational institutions over Pakistan has been decided; it is by mid of September 2020 all schools, colleges, and universities will be operational. All institutions are required to adhere to the designed SOP’s accordingly and ensure that they opt for the safety kit also.

Through, this tactic, we hope tackling the virus and educating students on how to fight the virus can become easier. Simultaneously, many safety measures are going to increase as well to ensure the safety and protection of the citizens.

The news of reopening schools is officially made by Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood on Thursday through a press conference held in Islamabad.

The decision of opening all educational institutions was taken on 8th July 2020. He also mentions that it will be arbitrary for all to follow the required SOP’s and that all students and teachers much adhere to the regulations. Moreover, in the first week, the government will observe the situation of COVID-19. Furthermore, the institutions can also take examinations for up to four days with all SOP’s being followed.

Universities to provide permits to Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. students can work on different researches and projections about COVID-19. The universities must provide them the permit to work on such ideas. Teachers and other faculty staff must be asked to come early and get training regarding the SOP’s and how to conduct classes.

Moreover, many students had to hike up mountains to take their troubling classes, during the COVID-19. For them, this seems to be a great sense of relief.

We hope that that this tactic doesn’t fail, and the education minister of Pakistan knows what he is doing. We also hope that Pakistan gets rid of this deadly pandemic, COVID-19 real soon and once and for all.

Story Credit: Radio Pakistan

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