A Well Educated Youth Can Cure Poverty In Any Country

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All we, the educated youth, sadly talk about is how Pakistan’s economy is falling apart and we don’t see a good future for ourselves here. We complain to everyone about the high increase of poverty level in Pakistan and how grim the chances are of any betterment to be seen. Some of us also leave this country just to explore better opportunities but did we ever think of how selfish we really are?

University graduates are 6% of Pakistan’s population and we owe Pakistan a lot because we are who we are because of this poor country. No matter where we go our identity is Pakistani and we are nothing without it.

I know that not all of our youth is selfish, we want to help others cure poverty but the problem is that we lack motivation and support but maybe I know a way to cure poverty. The cure that I am presenting to you would not need any hard work or a lot of resources but it would need our interest and attention.


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Ladies and gentlemen the cure is US! The educated youth of Pakistan, as we know that education gives people knowledge and skills. It also provided people with intelligence and abilities to get or create jobs.

Knowledge is considered to be more valuable than all the money in the world and we have it. There are thousands of research in the world about illiteracy being the main cause of poverty.


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I believe that by giving a little time to the poor children of Pakistan who are almost 5 million according to UNESCO’s report which is a huge number, we could truly change the future of Pakistan. These 5 million children are the future of Pakistan and we are the ones who can help them.

I know that we are less in numbers but if we can take the example of master Ayub and start teaching such poor children for free even only on the weekends for a few hours or if we have spare time during the weekdays of our lives, we can teach a few poor children. One educated person can easily teach 2 or 3 children and that would be enough to create an impact.

We have a lot of private schools and offices who do not use their buildings on weekends and they might be willing to help us out lending their space for teaching poor children as CSR (corporate social responsibility).

I personally have contacted a few schools and offices and all of them loved the idea, they are willing to lend us their buildings on weekends for such a Nobel cause.  I don’t want a Nobel Prize for it all I want is Pakistan to prosper, I want you all to think about it and for once let us think about curing this madness called Poverty.

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