Educate A Change: Free Education In Pakistan And A Step Towards The Future

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We (I and my best friend) completed our A-Levels a year ago. I ended up breaking multiple world records and gaining a whooping sum of 66-A and A stars. Most people appreciated, while some came forward and pointed out how I had wasted my time and money, and that the jack of all trades can be the master of none etc.

Others pointed out that I am planning to take the same route as some of my predecessors, and suggested that I should start academies and make a fortune out of it. Some even went on to claim that I am fame stricken and wanted to copy others. However, this was not our (I and my best friend) objective. We had other plans in mind, we wanted a change that would help everyone. It is the first time I have taken a public forum other than my social media to write myself out to my nation because I believe that now is the right time to make the move.

During our time in O and A Level, we realized how expensive and exploiting the education system in Pakistan has become. From resources to tuition, everything is extremely expensive. Apart from the registration fee, you have to pay for the books, tuition, academics, school fee etc. Then there are teachers who force you to take tuitions by not teaching you purely at the school level. This actually forms a huge financial leverage for the middle-class families. Sure, there are some families out there who can afford much more, but for most Pakistanis, this is a serious burden. Let us give you an example:

Source: Daily Times

The average tuition fee is around 2500 per subject, and if a student takes 3 of this tuition in a month, along with the average 10,000 school fee and other expenses etc., this averages almost 20,000-23,000 per month. For a family that earns 40,000-50,000, this is a serious issue. The most ironic part is that this is the case not only in O and A Level but also at the University level, in matriculation etc. Almost everywhere, you find signs of educational prostitution.

I call this educational prostitution because just like prostitutes sell their bodies, these so-called educational institutions (most of them) sell education with no sense of benefit to the community. We were determined to break this stereotypical view of education. However, criticism topped. When we first mentioned bringing a change in the education system of Pakistan, people considered it a fake story. Some even called it a waste of time and pointed out that “YAR PAKISTAN MAIN KUCH NI HO SAKTA” Lol why? Why not in Pakistan? Thus, we developed an online platform that is designed to provide you with a one-stop solution for education.

This has been started as a complete online solution for O and A Level. If you are consulting this platform, we have ensured that you do not need to consult anything else, not even the course book. The most important part is that it is totally free. As this is our first year of operation, we have decided to upload one lecture every week for each subject. This is to make sure that we can go over your comments and reviews on the lecture of the previous week, and modify and adapt our upcoming lecture so that it can best meet your needs. Not only will there be written and video lectures, but also assignments, tests and past paper-based lectures to help you fully prepare for the exam. This gives you the same environment as a school. We are adding new features almost every day to improve the experience.

What we must emphasize at this moment is that THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE PROJECT. It is just the start. We are already working on expanding the platform to other fields and levels of study and to provide more than just resources etc. Within a year IA, you will see how this project revolutionizes the education system in Pakistan. Trust us! We have more projects coming that are much more useful than this one IA. All you need to do is sign up and register for courses, read and review and then guide us on how we can improve for you people. Together, we can make things happen. Our current content focus may be O and A Level, but it will diversify soon IA.

Source: Assignment Help

We are already thankful for the overwhelming response shown by the nation. Within a day of our launch, more than 500 students have registered on our platform. This is larger than the O and A Level batch of many individual schools.

There are a few things we would personally like to mention in the end. I personally have waited for a year before responding to the critics who resorted to even abuses when I broke the world records. Like, please! Don’t be so judgmental. You never know what is in the mind of the person who is doing something. Secondly, yes I could have started academies and by now would have earned much even if I charged the basic price. That is what most people did or in the words of the critics “will do”.

However, tell me, if I started selling education than what is the difference? We, as a team, believed in the idea of improving education. Alhamdullilah, now we are on the route to fulfilling our promise. Moreover, those who tell me that Pakistan has nothing, please tell me what you are doing to improve instead. If you are lazy enough to get out of your bed and improve your country, you have no right to say a word about how Pakistan is lacking etc.

This is our first step, and we request you all to pray for its success. It is a free initiative for the people, but it is financially expensive and time taking for us who set it up. We need your prayers. On 14th of August 2018 IA, we will expand this project into something that has never been envisioned before and we are already working on it. Please pray. And sure, we invite you to come out and criticize this, we will reply when it is time to say “Check-Mate”. Salute to the nation! Jazak Allah!

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