Edhi’s Legacy

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We keep complaining about this country. We keep hating on it. Most of us want to run away as soon as we get the chance. Why? Because we can’t change it. “Everyone is corrupt,” we say. We think, or maybe we say it to satisfy our consciences, that one person alone can’t do anything. No matter what we give this country, it will remain the same.

In eight grade, we had a story about a young boy who loved his mother very much. His mother would give him 2 paisas everyday. One for himself, and one to give to a poor man. Overtime, his mother grew seriously ill. Watching her like this hurt the little boy very much. He tried his best to take care of her. He tried his best to save her. But as was written, she left her little son alone, heartbroken and devastated. The boy, probably unlike most of us, did not lose hope in this world or humans or humanity. Instead, he vowed that he shall try his best to make sure that no one has to die like this. He vowed to become the man he had needed as a child.


Source: pakistaniat.com

Now, I present to you Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi. One man. Alone. Started off by collecting funds and opening a small dispensary in Karachi.

Today, we know him as the man who had been running Edhi Foundation. The same foundation that owns the world’s largest charity based ambulance network. The foundation that saved more than 20,000 abandoned babies. The foundation that housed 50,000 orphans in Edhi homes. The foundation that trained more than 40,000 qualified nurses. The foundation which runs the Edhi maternity centres where more than 1 million babies were delivered. The foundation that runs numerous Edhi hospitals all over the country providing free medical care.


Source: www.bbc.com

Who did all this?

Abdul Sattar Edhi.

How did he do all this?

Simple. He didn’t give himself the pathetic excuses we do, that one man alone cannot do anything. Instead, since the early years of his life, he began to work for what he wanted; to make this world a batter place. And imagine, he did it.

He did it by not only starting the wonderful Edhi foundation, but also, by inspiring countless other humans in his lifetime. I think we all are among the ones inspired by him. So today, while we mourn this colossal loss, let’s also vow to continue his legacy. Let’s also vow to work for his & ours dream. Let’s all vow to make the world a better place, in whatever way possible. Do not forget how much power you have. Do not think you cannot make a difference.


Source: thinkloud65.wordpress.com

Remember: Edhi was a human just like all of us. The most humane, out of all of us. He had no superpowers, thought it may sound strange. All the lives he saved & safeguarded, he did just because he was compassionate. He was kind. He was selfless.

Be compassionate. Be kind. Be selfless. Be Edhi.

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