Here’s How You Can Nail The Perfect Eid Look This Year!

Eid is one festival for which we all seek the liberty to wholeheartedly celebrate. And why not? The appeal of a 3-day festival right after Ramadan when you are liable to share happiness, eat some of the best foods, collect Eidi (if you are not an adult) and of course, wear your Eid outfit. Talking about your Eid outfit, it’s a pretty hard choice. You spend days and weeks trying to find the best outfit that would favor the desired look you always wanted on the festival.

For Pakistanis, getting the perfect look isn’t an easy deal…

You already have a busy schedule in Ramadan. Where work is being cruel, you realize Eid is in just a few weeks and you need to take yourself to shop. You want to look your best on Eid, after all, you’re going to meet so many people and the perfect look never fails to put an amazing impression. You’ve been frustrated going to the markets and malls on a daily basis. There are plenty of choices of make-up, accessories, shoes and of course, the dress but none of them have ever compelled you so deeply. Where one outlet offers one thing, another offers something else. Your mind has never popped with the enlightened thought, “this is the perfect outfit for #myeidlook”. You can’t seem to understand the trend and wish there could be one, just one place that actually knows what can actually make you look great on Eid. So, what do you do?

Here’s how you totally change the game of looking absolutely stunning on this Eid

1. Your makeup has to be on point

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People need to keep this at the forefront of their minds that their skin tone plays a vital role here. You can’t conflict your skin tone with your makeup. Let it be according to your complexion, just let it blend and appear subtly. A neat makeup stands out in providing you the perfect look.

2. The right outfit tops everything

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Just when you thought there is an array of options and not one particular thing can serve in providing you the perfect look on Eid, let me hand you the green light. Gone are the days when you had to explore not one, not two but three and four and five retail outlets to find your Eid dress. You can always count on Edenrobe’s collection of dresses this Eid. There are plenty of options that would compliment your makeup and accessories that will definitely suit with your dress.

3. Make sure your accessories match your outfit

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Color combinations are key here. You can always choose to wear heavy bangles and keep it desi. Even if you’re not a fan of accessories much, a pair of tiny earrings or tops can well contribute in elegance. There are plenty of DIY options as well, just make sure it matches the outfit you are going to wear.



Wearing a pair of shoes can only have two results: win or fail. If you want a win-win situation of your Eid look, make sure your shoes are on point. Again, you cannot have it totally not matching with your outfit, unless you’re kind of a badass who would rock a pair of Spongebob socks on formal shoes on a normal day. Anyway, whether you are used to wearing high-heels or bold boots, make sure it screams elegance!

5. Your hairstyle can SAVE THE DAY

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Whether you like it extravagant or simple, get your hair done perfectly. You can also unleash your intrinsic creativity and try few hairstyles beforehand. Again, whether you like to believe it or not, your hairstyle also has to go well with your dress. See, the dress is an integral part here and that is why I gave you an example of Edenrobe. Anyway, follow a few tutorials and experiments and give your best shot on Eid day.


Edenrobe has collaborated with your favorite stylist Nabila to guide you about the perfect style. These videos will help you figure out the right combination of dress and accessories to flaunt this Eid. Celebrities like Amna Ilyas, Sarah Khan, Anoushey Ashraf and Zhalay Sarhadi are going to go through a make-over for Eid. They’re invited to Nabila’s where Amal, N-Pro’s stylist, picks an outfit by Edenrobe for them and transform their look. YOU CAN ENTER A COMPETITION WHERE YOU CAN WIN YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY’S OUTFIT? So, who are you counting on, Anoushey, Zhalay, Amna or Sarah?

Just look how dazzling Sarah Khan looks… This could be you as well!

Some of the great outfits are up for grabs. Just imagine how distinctive you would look with these outfits and a shower of compliments, one after another. Seriously, there’s nothing like an outfit that totally suits you. Your amazing mood shall be riveted on top of every reason of happiness this Eid.

This is your chance to totally change how you have been dressing up on Eid because now you’ve got what you need!

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