Valencia Stunned The Host! Ecuador Ruins Qatar’s Opening Party Night!

ecuador beats qatar in fifa world cup

The mega football event began last night when Ecuador dismantle the host Qatar brutally and ruined their first night party.

The match was so one-sided that Qatar fans were leaving the stadium before the match even ended and it was sad for the host.

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But the way Ecuador performed in their opening match was exceptional, from the beginning Ecuador was dominating and making chances to break the deadlock.

Ecuador Beats Qatar In FIFA World Cup:

With the opening ceremony charm lightening the FIFA World Cup 2022 commencement, Qatar was dreaming to grab their first win of the tournament, but Ecuador shattered their dream and captured the moment.

Source: Sporting News

Valencia the captain of Ecuador scored the opening goal for his side but was unfortunately disallowed via Var as he was offside. After a few minutes, Valencia got a brilliant ball where he tried to surpass the keeper but was caught by a foul and won the penalty in the 15th minute.

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There, Valencia changed the game for his side and broke the deadlock. Right after fifteen minutes, with the brilliant power header, Valencia again scored another goal and gave his side two goals cushions to rest throughout the game.


Qatar was thrashed in the first half and the way they were playing surely disappointed the fans. In the second half, Qatar tried to redeem itself from its mistakes and recover from the damage but it was too late.

A bad start for the hosts and a great one for the visitors. The attendance wasn’t that much, as fans lose the leverage to enjoy the game with beer as Qatar banned alcohol two days before the event.

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Two historical moments also took place, Ecuador has not conceded a goal in their last six games, which is a national record. It will be difficult for Qatar to break past them. And it was Qatar’s first-ever World Cup game. They have never actually qualified for the tournament before.

VAR Controversy Continues

In the match, a controversial VAR decision was taken which made Alan Shearer angry and he took out his frustration while talking to BBC. “I’m going to have a blooming high blood pressure by the end of the month if this carries on this way,” Alan Shearer said on BBC.

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“I don’t think any person is watching this in the world who thinks that this is off-side. The ball goes up, the challenge is there, we’re all thinking, ‘OK, it’s not a high kick there, he wins the header, there’.”

Shearer described the decision as ‘madness’ while Gary Lineker labeled it ‘absurd’, asking: “Really? Is that what VAR is for?”

“Everyone watching the game would have said that’s a goal straight away,” Ashley Williams added.

The same kind of controversy took place in the qualifying stage in Portugal’s match where his goal was not given even though the ball was inside the goal line as no VAR tech was used in the qualifying round.

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