Eating 7 Bananas In A Day Can Kill You!

It is said that eating bananas more than one can be harmful. More often it is said that eating more than 6 bananas can kill.
Is this True??



Banana is most favorite fruit in the world, it contains vitamins and minerals. If this fruit is good for us, then is it possible that it can be fatal? This notion is dispersed by a famous person Carl Palington. He once said, we are talking about bananas before, if you eat more than 6 bananas you can die. ‘This is reality, eating 6 bananas can increase potassium to a dangerous level . . . I saw bananas in a basket, there were six bananas, you know why there were six bananas? 7th can be dangerous for you’

To what extent potassium is dangerous for us? Catherine Collins from Senate George Hospital located in London said that Potassium is very important for us, it is present in every cell of our body. ‘It stables our heart beat, it controls diabetes level, but increase or decrease in potassium level can disturb heartbeat. It can cause pain in abdomen, vomiting or diarrhea’ Anyhow Collins said that for a healthy person bananas or not dangerous.



A person have to eat 400 bananas daily in order to increase potassium to fatal level. Bananas are not dangerous for health, instead, they are beneficial. According to British National Health Service a young person should consume 3500 mg Potassium. A 125 g weighted banana contains 450 mg potassium which means a younger can eat 7 and half banana a day. Kidney patients should avoid such food which contains potassium in larger scale. According to Collins, those who have Kidney problem, should avoid this much potassium consumption.

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