Earn Money From PUBG: Here Are The 7 Influential Ways To Make Some Extra Cash!

Earn Money From PUBG

The current era is gradually converting into a more dynamic virtual place adhering with the technologically advancing boom. In this 21st century, the world is gradually basing onto a virtually compact environment and the juvenile minds have turned the gaming stance towards full flesh money minting business. Currently, the globally famous mobile game “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” commonly known as “PUBG” is now being used by players to earn some bucks from their gaming expertise.

The vicious pull-offs which make parents restrict their children from playing PUBG!

Among the beneficial aspects, several unfortunate events are also related to the popular PUBG game. Many young players have shown severe aggression and their obsession for the video game resulted in brutal consequences. Earlier this year, an Indian boy beheaded his father after being stopped from playing PUBG adding another negative outcome to the list. Leaping over to the earning factor, the following is the description of some influential ways that can be a money-making tool for PUBG players.


Here’s how PUBG is providing an earning scheme to its players!

1. Create Social Channels: Thinking that you are a pro player and can share some unheard information about the game PUBG? Apparently, that expertise can help you mint a good amount of dollars as the mere basis of knowledge these days are digital platforms. Creating a website, Facebook page or a YouTube channel and first building a valuable audience would be a great initiative as the information related to the game uploaded on the social platforms will gain the PUBG playing audience for a wider picture.

2. Affiliate Links: Made a social forum but the earnings feel less as compared to the associated number of audience? Well, no issue, providing a redirect link to an on-sale item might help. Normally known as ‘affiliate links’, not only will it gather traffic on your website but this redirecting method will make the sale ratio much higher than it actually was.

3. Relative Merchandise: Adhering to the widespread online market where everything is being sold on the internet, selling customized regularly used items give out a profitable outcome. Putting those PUBG thoughts on a t-shirt or other easy-going merchandise and selling them on your website or on social media is an easy task which can help in making some extra cash. This will even build a much stronger connection with your buyers and the ones who follow your social platforms.


4. Vend Out Acquired Inventory: Be it making your character dance, groove or loot other playing members inventory, there are many things that can be done in the video game. A beneficial point of playing PUBG is on achieving a certain goal, the player receives Battle Points (BP) which can be cashed within for further purchases or the player can sell them out of different buying websites in exchange of hard cash. ‘Game Flip’ is one of many sites that purchase rare PUBG items for its customers.

5. Auction Of Personal Account: Among other tactics of earning money from PUBG, the user can auction his personal account on bidding sites. It can be done only when the player has crossed the 1000 hours mark in the game. Filled with numerous skins and battle points, the account can go up for bid on sites like ‘Player Auctions’ and can be acquired by the highest interested bidder in exchange for money. This is believed to be one of the smoothest ways to earn easily through mobile gaming.

6. Game Tournaments: Taking the battle to the esteemed level, players can register themselves in online PUBG tournaments which carry a handy amount of cash prize. In the face-off, a single player or a team comprised of few players can put their feet in the battlefield and the last man/woman standing is crowned the winner inheriting the money. Another way is to sign the team up for the professional PUBG European or American Leagues which carry prize money worth millions of dollars.

7. Coach Inexperienced Players: An easy way to get money in is to teach other noob players who haven’t celebrated the ‘winner winner chicken dinner’ aspect till now. As a pro PUBG player, people can hire you or make you a part of their clan so that the coaching can be done better whilst being in the game. Apparently, the internet is filled with sites from where the coaches can be hired to make your gaming experience much better.


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Well, that’s how PUBG helps you in earning good money without any huge investment. This technical era and the obsession of youngsters today with gaming, in a way, has created simple opportunities that can enhance one’s game life as well as real life.

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