Why Is It Better To Marry At A Young Age? Here Are Some Pakistanis With Amazing Answers

getting married at young age

The majority of people consider that early marriage is a curse because it disturbs many aspects of life. But, if we see the next side of it, early marriage these days have become a necessity.

However, early marriage doesn’t mean getting married before hitting 20, but still getting married at a rather normal age is good. Especially when the society is moving too fast and many problems are prevailing in the society, a supportive partner and a good married life is getting essential.

Twenty-something today is a perfect age to pursue education, careers, and a freewheeling lifestyle before saying ‘I do’. Still, people have accepted that marrying young has also got a lot of benefits.

Today, we came across a thread on Twitter where Pakistanis were discussing the importance of getting married at a young age. The responses are very interesting and we do agree with many of them.

Well, for some religion comes first.

What is an early age? Point!

You and your kids will grow together! LOL

Abhi tou party shuru hui hai…

We don’t agree with him

Here comes another woman…

Age is just a number!

Moreover, while others are still finding themselves, you’ve already figured out what you want in life. You have someone by your side who can help accomplish it. However, on the other hand, we also believe that age is just a number, and once you’ve found your perfect match, why not build the life you’ve always wanted together.

Also, there are a few important questions everyone should ask themselves before they decide to get married. Many Pakistani men out there feel that girls marry just so that her future husband will be able to fulfil all their financial needs. This has now become a reason why men are not willing to get married.


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