New Era Begins! E3 Welcomes Indie Developers & New Partner On Board

New Era Begins! E3 Welcomes Indie Developers & New Partner On Board

E3 one of the biggest gaming conferences in the world is about to set to launch for the first time in a different way known as “Virtual Conference.”

And want to know the best part? Everyone can join the conference for free, not like previously where you need to buy tickets to see your favorite publisher announcing AAA game title or enjoy the event.

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Due to Covid-19 last year E3 was canceled and no one saw that coming for real. It’s surely shocking for the gamers to witness such sad news.

Sony wouldn’t take part in the event, just like previously they have been doing.

E3, Indie Developers &New Partnerships:

“We are reimagining E3 in a variety of ways”, that’s what E3 has to say. By their incredible plan, their statement totally fits in the box.

E3 2021 decided to introduce the indie developers and let them showcase their games too.

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It’s a great step towards the gaming revolution, Indie Developers producing some of the exclusive titles and inspiring the gamers. For this big step, E3 partnered with the nonprofit International Game Developers Association (IGDA) to make it happen for real.

ESA didn’t disclose any details but said that the IGDA will be able to offer its members “special packages and opportunities” for E3 2021, hoping to expand this offering into 2022 and beyond.


Executive Director of the IGDA, Renee Gittins said, The IGDA is thrilled to partner with the ESA to uplift Indies during this year’s E3 and beyond,” adding, “Indies provide heartfelt stories and groundbreaking creativity that lead the progress of our industry.

It is an honor to help Indies onto this grand stage for the first time so they can share their efforts and inspiration worldwide.”

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Even the president and CEO of the ESA, Stanley Pierre-Louis said, “a critical part of the video game industry” and said that the ESA is “thrilled to expand our offerings to create opportunities to showcase their work worldwide.”

“We are reimagining E3 in a variety of ways, and part of that is engaging with indie developers by offering opportunities to help highlight them and their work on a global stage.”

Making Critical Changes:

E3 2021 will be fully digital with a brand new app and portal facility for the viewers and publishers. E3 wants to make it accessible for every single person out there and smooth without interruption.

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Virtual booths will be made, that would give leverage to indie developers to interact with the media, industry, and fans in a much better way.

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Apart from Indie developers, some of the well-known developers expected to be at the event such as Nintendo, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and more.

The event will take place from 12th June to 15th as it would be four days event, that let every gaming fan experience the live broadcast, mixed up conference of publishers, interviews, and commentary.

What do you need to do? Just free yourself for four days and experience one of the most awaited events in the gaming industry E3 2021. Don’t miss it, if you are a true gamer then.

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