This Amazing Online Store allows you to decide the Price of their Products!

This Amazing Online Store allows you to decide the Price of their Products!

Pakistan has been the birthplace of several business ideas that are like none other. Our people are extremely talented and when it comes to strategising, they have produced some marvels. But this one is, by far, the most amazing yet. If you ask anyone on the street the key to success, chances are that they would respond with the words “customer satisfaction”. A happy customer means great business!

Talking about customers, the Pakistani online store has come up with a campaign that will make even the most hardened consumer happy. It’s called WTP i.e. What The Price.

Here’s where it gets exciting…

Their strategy revolves around one simple idea: the customers will be allowed to choose the price of a product themselves!


This is an idea that has never before been seen in Pakistan. Yayvo is allowing people to predetermine the price of a certain product via Twitter.

Using the hashtag #WhatThePrice, Yayvo has posted a bunch of tweets, each with the price of a particular product. Depending on the number of retweets it gets, the price will be lowered accordingly and proportionate to the cost earlier stated.


So this is how it will go down. Log onto Twitter between 11am-5pm on the 4th of August and open Yayvo’s account. Search for tweets with #WhatThePrice and if you find the tweet with a product you want to buy, retweet it. The final price will be announced at 6 pm and after that, from 6pm-11pm, you can buy the product at the discounted price.

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What more could one want?

So if there’s any piece of clothing or phone that you’ve had your eye on for a while, you might just be getting a huge discount on it.

For more details, click here. Make sure to mark August 4 on your calendars and get ready for a campaign the likes of which you have never seen before.

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