This Dying Pakistani Father Is Waiting For His Daughter’s UK Visa So He Can See Her For The First And Last Time!

Pakistan is a struggling country that has been exploited by so-called former ‘leaders’ of this nation to its last limits. Their governments didn’t focus on issues of the public, rather sought after illegal wealth by hook or by crook. Educational institutes became worthless, job opportunities scarce and health sector deteriorated with the passing time.

Since the country couldn’t offer families a stable and prosperous life, earners and breadwinners had to look for opportunities elsewhere. A large chunk of Pakistanis move abroad in hopes of curating a better life for their families back in the home country. They send in the money they earn through hard work, so their children can get a quality education and lifestyle. It’s the story of many in Pakistan.

A similar but heartbreaking story of an expat Pakistani man who is barely holding on to dear life comes to light. 

Mehboob Alam who is 65 years of age is battling cancer, came to the UK in hopes to improve the conditions of his family back in Pakistan. Unfortunately, his immigration status could not be regularized and he continued on to live and earn illegally in the UK.

He never got the chance to meet his daughter as she was still in her mother’s womb when Mehboob parted with them. His daughter Sana is all grown up and is 13 years old. Mehboob is at the hospital with only a few weeks left to his life, wants to meet his daughter before dying but cannot travel to Pakistan as his doctors do not recommend it and on top of that, no airline would take him on board.

As a last resort, he makes an appeal with his frail body failing him and with short breaths. He requests any concerned authorities to grant his daughter a UK Visa so he can meet his daughter for the first and unfortunately for the last time. 

This video was uploaded by a news reporter Tebraiz Aurah who tagged a few prominent people that could help the poor man. Thomas Drew British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria High Commissioner for Pakistan to the United Kingdom and lastly Major Gen Asif Ghafoor were tagged.

Here’s the video. 

Luckily, Tom Drew was quick to reply and offered assistance asking for Sana Mehboob’s details.

This is a developing story which we hope has a happy ending. Hard times tear families apart and there are so many fathers working tirelessly in foreign countries to provide for their families without having the luxury to visit them once a while.

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