Shamoon Abbasi’s ‘Durj’ Movie Release Gets Postponed In The Gulf Region!

durj movie postponed

Lollywood has been stepping up the quality of movies every year. We can hardly point out a single flaw in the direction. Producers are pushing the societal limits and producing movies on the topics that were previously considered taboo. However, this sometimes doesn’t go as planned and the movie is postponed in Gulf region. Recently Shamoon Abbasi’s movie ‘Durj’ faced a mega ban.

First, it was banned in Pakistan by the censor board. Now, the ban is reaching beyond Pakistan’s border.

‘Durj’ Release Postponed In The Gulf Region

The movie is currently postponed in the Gulf region for an undefined limit. Moreover, the reason behind the delay in its release is also unknown. Shamoon is confused about what could have been objectionable.

Shamoon, the actor, director, and writer of the movie made the announcement via his Twitter account about the release of the movie in the Gulf.

“With the heavy heart, I have to announce that the Gulf release that was due today on October 10, 2019, has now been postponed for an unknown period of time because of this anonymous ban on #Durj. I hope the censor board Islamabad is satisfied now,” Abbasi wrote in a social media post on Thursday.

He added, “We are shocked and surprised that we had to lose the entire Gulf region because of this. We hope to continue with the due diligence in the future and will continue to ask for a solution to this matter as a lot of financial losses are already underway because of this ban.”

Shamoon seems pretty upset about the ban. From the trailer of the movie, it is quite evident that the making of ‘Durj’ must have taken a lot of effort. Be it on the part of the screenplay or story development.  And since the role of Shamoon in this movie is mega, he was meant to be upset.

The megastar is playing the lead character in the movie. Meanwhile also being the writer and director of it.

Shamoon Abbasi Signed An Appeal

So, to save the movie from facing an over the fence loss, he reached out to the authorities.

Shamoon asked the authorities to review the movie with a full board panel. He made this request by signing an appeal. The actor requested to solve the matter as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Anyhow, Shamoon is hopeful that the appeal will work in his favor.

The story of the movie is based on three real-life incidents. It is an unusual and disturbing one. The kind that would usually thrill you with disgust. But the epic screenplay, acting, and direction of the movie will convince you to watch it. That’s a real success for the makers of the movie.

‘Durj’ is about two brothers who dug over 100 graves and ate corpses. As disgusting as it sounds, it’s absolutely true. It is a mental illness and a global fact that such people exist.

The cast of the movie includes Maira Khan, Nauman Khan, Sherry Shah and Shamoon himself. It has already premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, 72nd edition.

However, Pakistanis are still confused about whether they’ll get to see the movie in the cinemas or not. Well, that’s a mystery for now. But as far as we know the appeal for the second review has so far been accepted.

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