Ducky Bhai Called Out For ‘Fake Patriotism’ After Fans Find His Youtube Channel Is Registered In India

Ducky Bhai is definitely Pakistan’s most controversial Youtuber. With a pizzazz built around vulgar abuses, making fun of people, targeting them, just to make his audience laugh, Ducky never shies away from attention. Now, Ducky Bhai is under fire for showing off his fake patriotism and his youtube channel being registered in India.

With a huge fan following and an army of internet warriors, Ducky’s fans can get as aggressive as him at times. Recently, Ducky returned to the limelight after he targeted a girl from Karachi for spending Independence day with her dog.

Ducky Bhai tried to show immense patriotism for Pakistan and called an influencer out. The girl, to celebrate 14th August, had put Pakistan’s flag around her dog’s neck. This is not something new and is a standard practice in other countries of the world. However, when Ducky resorted to abuses and aggression in this case, so did his followers.

Ducky Bhai’s channel registered in India

Since then, the girl has been facing numerous death threats from strangers on the internet. But the show doesn’t stop here.

Ever since Ducky Bhai tried to overly exert his patriotism on social media, people have been digging into his own work. It is not hidden from anyone that Ducky Bhai has a huge Indian following, which is fine. However, people were very pissed off that Ducky Bhai’s Youtube channel is registered in India, not in Pakistan.

ducky bhai independence day girl dog

Source: Twitter

When the details of Ducky Bhai’s Youtube channel pop up, his location is shown as India and he is being trolled for fake patriotism. Now, there may be numerous reasons for this. First of all, there is no confirmation that the Pakistani government will never ban Youtube again, like last time. Moreover, it is rumored that keeping India as the location of your Youtube channel works better for views as well.

Now, people are very angry at Ducky Bhai and are calling him out for two reasons. One being the jeopardizing of the girl’s life, and the other being his Indian Youtube channel. The comments state that if Ducky Bhai is such a patriot, why does he prefer money over his country? Why did he not opt to make a Youtube channel from Pakistan, but India?

This is how the internet is reacting to Ducky Bhai’s Youtube channel and fake patriotism

All in all, one thing is for sure. If you really want to showcase the love for Pakistan, at least represent Pakistan at your work. Why opt for the neighbor/enemy when you can run your own identity? This, seems very hypocritical, of Ducky Bhai.

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