Ducky Bhai Finally Speaks Out With His Side Of Story Regarding 14th August Rant

Ducky Bhai story 14 August

It’s been 4 days since the viral controversy regarding YouTuber Ducky Bhai and an influencer. However, the story continues to turn heads as both parties keep responding with their perspectives. Ducky Bhai has something to say on his part of the story about the 14 August controversy.

Today, Ducky Bhai finally decided to share his side of the story and point of view about 14 August. Ducky Bhai is being called out by a faction of the public for insensitive remarks made against a woman, and for inciting hate against her.

Ducky Bhai dog Pakistan

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The girl, who is a prominent influencer on Instagram and Twitter, roped the Pakistani flag around her dog’s neck celebrating 14th August 2020. While the action might be looked upon in Pakistan, many countries are used to this showing of affection.

This is what Ducky Bhai had to say in his latest statement on 14 August controversy

The PISA Youtuber of the year, Saad-ur-Rehman, stated that he had been on YouTube for 3 years and encouraged his followers to stay quiet on issues. He said that he has a regular practice of telling his followers to ‘not give hate’.

Moreover, Saad stated that he takes permission from people before roasting them in his videos.

Furthermore, Ducky Bhai said that his words were being taken out of context. He gave a hint about his strong following who would act on his command and come for support.

Talking about the allegations against him for using India as his Youtube channel’s location, this is what Saad-ur-Rehman had to say.

But despite Ducky Bhai comments and side of the story on 14 August, people were adamant with claims. That he could have selected a different country than India. Ducky even stated that he did so because if his channel was potentially hacked, the communication would be easier.

The response he got to those comments, was not as sweet as Ducky’s attempt to prove his positive outlook on the matter.

However, Ducky continues to gain followers on his social accounts. He has a huge following, and his work should be respected because he caters to a huge audience. The matter should not be dragged any further and put to an end.

This issue has garnered a lot of attention on social media. Fellow YouTuber Irfan Junejo too spoke on the issue and decided to dissociate himself from Ducky Bhai. Here’s to hoping that everyone involved in this incident learns something from it. Both parties are diligent intellectuals with huge followings, we hope they reach a truce, and so do their followers.

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