Ducky Bhai Under Fire After Abusing A Girl Who Celebrated 14th August With Her Dog

ducky bhai independence day girl dog

Twitter is becoming the most judgemental and widely popular platform to dig dirt, controversial news, or any other form of tabs regarding someone. Nothing seems hidden and the Twitterati doesn’t spare you for a second when it comes to schooling someone or trolling someone.
Interestingly, when celebrity figures like Yasir Hussain, Ducky Bhai, Ushna Shah, and Nadia Hussain make sure to bring the controversy towards them in one way or another. Hence, this time the one who is making Twitterati go wild is no one other than Ducky Bhai himself! The reason will shock you!

If you are wondering what got Ducky Bhai to be hated so much now; the answer will truly astound you. So, on this year’s 14th August 2020, while many people were busy celebrating the year of freedom, a girl decided to share a picture of her dog with the national flag of Pakistan wrapped around its neck as a scarf.

ducky bhai independence day girl dog

Source: Twitter

Although, the purpose of dressing up the dog with the flag was to show how she is celebrating Independence day with her pet dog. Ducky Bhai as always found it completely uncool and another target to school.

His abusive tweet!

He took to Twitter and abused her openly for disrespecting the national flag of Pakistan. Although, in actuality such notions are practiced throughout the world where pet animals are dressed according to the national holidays.

ducky bhai independence day girl dog

Source: Twitter

Not only was the tweet abusive, rather he kept on calling the poor girl dumb and an attention seeker which is both hurtful and harsh, to begin with. Hence, the Twitterati didn’t let this go and knew that teaching Ducky Bhai about respecting girls is of due importance. Hence, began the trolls. Although there were some who came to Ducky Bhai’s defense, they were equally trampled down with him. Here is how he was schooled into oblivion!

We wonder is dressing your pet animal really that big of an offense?

Finally, the girl Maryam even responded to the hate she was getting for tying a flag as a scarf around her adorable dog! And her response is so on point!

And before people could shut her down again, Pakistani Twitterati came to her rescue, by suggesting Ducky Bhai to perhaps take respecting women 101 lessons all over again.

His apology!

After receiving continuous backlash Ducky Bhai was forced to apologize; especially since Maryam had set her slate clean by clarifying her stance and also apologizing if she had hurt anyone’s feeling.

However, it seems that people are still not ready to forgive him yet!

Although, it seems that this banter is nowhere to come to an end. As a matter of fact, it seems that Twitter is yet again divided on if Maryam the owner of the dog did right and should be lauded or if she should be hanged – just kidding they didn’t go that far, but then again this is Pakistan.

We hope that this banter dissolves down real soon. Ducky Bhai a.k.a Saad Ur Rehman is known for his controversial statements. As a matter of fact, this isn’t the first time he has been caught in the whirlwind of drama and controversy. A few years back he got into a brawl with TikTokers. 

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