Princess Haya, Sheikh Rashid Maktoum’s Wife, Left Him Taking 31 Million Pounds And His Kids!

Dubai Seikh Rashid Al Makhtoom

Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, an Oxford graduate and the sixth wife of the world’s richest ruler Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, has fled with 31 million pounds and her children, following the dissolution of her marriage.

Do It Like The Royals:

Sounds familiar? It’s just when women leave in Pakistan, they mostly leave empty-handed. Now if we were a little intelligent like Dubai’s Sheikha Princess Haya, we would plan our move and leave with a handful of money, to start a new life.

Dubai's Ruler Sheikh rashid Al Makhtoom


Pakistani Damsels in distress can learn a thing or two from her:

Breakups are almost always ugly, but when the royals are involved, they are expensive too. So, ladies, we want you to take tips from Her royal highness Princess Haya. She is 45, and half-sister of Jordan’s King Abdullah, one of the richest people in the world. However, she did not go running to her “Maika”. Looks like social pressure is a thing for royals too.

Tip Number Two, Lay low while you plan:

She was publicly spotted last in May, while her otherwise very active social media accounts showed no activity since February. She laid low and planned her next moves. A German ambassador has supposedly helped her escape the country. Take note ladies, it is important to establish and maintain contacts.

Tip Number Three, Know Your Options:

She is probably hiding in Germany and seeking political asylum. As per the British tabloid she moved to the UK and was spotted there too. But the princess has mentioned to her friends she did not want to go to the UK, as she did not trust the Brits who might extradite her back to UAE. Man, she is an intelligent woman. You see, it is important to know who to turn to.


Yes, we love the drama too, but the best strategy is to flee quietly. That is your statement, ladies. Your jewelry and money are yours. Do not leave it when you pack your bags.

Don’t Fall For The Emotional Diplomacy:

Dubai ruler took to Instagram and posted a long poem، With words like “treachery and rebellion” and statements like “I gave you trust and space.” Guess what she did not read it.

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هو لغز موضح وخفي بـادَرَتـني وفــي يـديها الـكتابُ عَــنْ سُــؤالٍ لا يـعـتريهِ جَـوابُ بَــضَّـةٌ كَـفُّـهـا كـمـلـمَسِ طـفـلٍ ومـنَ العيدِ بانَ فيها الخِضابُ وتُـغَـنِّـي الــعـود شَـــدوٌ ولَـحـنٌ وتُــهَـنِّـي ولـلـعـطورِ إنـسـكـابُ لا يــزالُ الـورىَ بـخيرٍ إذا هُـمْ جَـعَلوا الـخيرَ منهجاً فيهِ ذابوا يـزرَعُ الوَردَ راغبُ الجَنْيِ ورداً كـلُّ شَـيْءٍ لَـهُ يـكونُ إحـتسابُ ونــتـاجُ الأشــيـاءِ يـنـتُجُ مـنـها مـنـطِقٌ لـيسَ فـي مَـداهُ عِـتابُ ومـــنَ الـــذَّاتِ والـمَـلَذَّاتِ رَجْــعٌ فـيهما يَـعذِلُ الـمُصابَ المُصابُ وتَــرَىَ الـنـاسَ كـالمعادنِ أمْـراً ذَهَـــبٌ مـــنْ نـفـوسـهِمْ وتُــرابُ وعَـجـيـبٌ أخـــوُ غـريـبٍ ولـكـنْ لايُـحاكي مشيَ القَطاةِ الغُرابُ جُــعِـلَ الـعَـقـلُ حُــجَّـةً ودلــيـلاً وإلــىَ الـعَقلِ لـلعقولِ إنـتسابُ وحـجـابانِ عَــنْ كـثـيفٍ لـطيفٍ طــابَ مـنْ طـيبِهِ الـمِلا والـمَلابُ وإنـكشافُ الأمـورِ عـنْ عبقَريٍّ فـي سـرابٍ يقفو خُطاهُ سَرابُ فــي تـلابـيبه مـن الـعلم حـشو ومــن الـفـهم والـضـياء إهــاب وسـؤالـي عــن مـستظل بـغيب ذي شـمـول لــه الـمدى يـنساب ومــن الـخـيل إن فـهمت فـخبر ولــه فــي حـوادث الـدهر نـاب فـاتـحـا لـلـحياة والـخـير بـابـا وعـلـى الـمـوت مـنـه يـفتح بـاب وعـــمــود لـــــه وثـــــم عـــمــاد وإعــتـمـاد وصــحـبـة أغـــراب ولــــه أخـــوة بـأسـمـاء شــتـى مـــن تـراهـم يـاأيـها الأحـبـاب هــــو لــغــز مــوضــح وخــفـي حــاضـر غـائـب وفـيـه إرتـيـاب هل عرفتم قصدي إذا خبروني ومـــن الــلـب كــانـت الألــبـاب

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But there is something really wrong going on in the royal household as last year Dubai princes Nafeesa 33, daughter of Sheik Rashid Al Makhtoom tried to flee UAE, and she has been missing ever since.

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