Dua Mangi Reveals Details Of Her Kidnapping To The Police!

Dua Mangi Kidnapping Details

Dua Mangi’s safe return was definitely relieving not just for her family but for the whole of Pakistan. The entire country prayed for the 20-year-old’s safety. During the time period of one week Dua was held captive, the concerned authorities failed to make any progress in tracking down the kidnappers. Now, after Dua’s return, the criminals are still roaming freely. However, Dua has recorded her initial statements revealing fear-inducing details of her abduction.

Dua’s official statement to the police shows a scenario of a well-planned abduction.

She informed about the night she was out having a walk with her friend Haris Fatah Soomro after a tea session at a nearby place; when a car stopped in front of them and tried to kidnap her. The statement read, “There was a lot of hue and cry and Haris was shot in the commotion by the abductors,”. 

Dua Mangi And Haris Fatah CCTV

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What happened next is often seen in the movies. However, this was very much a reality for Dua. She explained that the kidnappers had her mouth covered to keep her from shouting. They even blindfolded her before pushing her into the car, so she may not see who is kidnapping and where she is being taken. The car was quite visible in the CCTV footage and was later revealed to be a stolen car, by the police.

Dua Mangi Kidnapped

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The possibility of the black car being stolen was confirmed by Dua in her statements. She said that she was shifted to another car mid-way and the previous one was discarded.

The details of her captivity are frightening.

According to the sources, Dua narrated about her days in solitary confinement and how she was kept blindfolded and tied. Which Dua said will only be removed when she was fed. The food was given to her through a narrow opening and was slid in. Dua informed that the kidnappers would have masks on and she was made to listen to loud music. “The person who used to feed me had a different voice every single time.” she explained.

Dua’s official statement described it further, “My hands and feet were tied and was made to hear loud music through headphones so that I may not hear what was being discussed among the abductors, the exercise was undertaken to keep me from escaping and also to keep their identities hidden”

Dua Mangi details of captivity

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So far these are the only details that have been disclosed. However, the family is reluctant to reveal how Dua made it back home. Rumors circulated regarding ransom that was being demanded from the family, but nothing has been solidified by Dua or her family on this matter. The search for the criminals that the police suggest might be militants and the same group that was behind the kidnapping of Bisma continues on with two suspects in custody.

This incident and the utter failure of the police has raised an alarm within the people of Karachi. Hopefully, this ring working with such perfection will be traced and placed behind bars; so no other daughter will have to walk in fear.

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