Dua Mangi Pens Down Heartfelt Note After Identifying Two More Kidnappers


In December 2019, a girl named Dua Nisar Mangi was taken from the safe and posh locality of DHA Karachi. Dua was with her close friend Haris Fatah at the time of her kidnapping. Mangi, a strong and resilient woman, is still tackling the issue head-on.

After the second court hearing yesterday, Dua Mangi took to the same social media which voiced support for her freedom, and penned down a heartfelt note. Via the post, Dua informed that the second court hearing concluded and she successfully identified two more kidnappers.

Dua Mangi case

Source: parhlo

These two kidnappers were then charged and put behind bars. Dua also thanked SP Sherazi and his team, along with the Rangers Taskforce for showing great dedication to this case. She also thanked them for treating her and Haris Fatah as family.

Previously, Dua shared the details of her kidnapping as well.

This is what she wrote in the complete post: “Done with the second court hearing. two more kidnappers identified and put behind bars. extremely grateful to SP Sherazi and his team from Sindh Police and Rangers Task Force for showing great dedication to the case and treating me and Haris like family.

Dua Mangi’s heartfelt note proves her resilience

I feel so blessed to have the most amazing friends, family, and well-wishers. it would have been so much harder to deal with the incident, people’s reaction to it, the investigation and court proceedings without all the love and warmth I’ve received!

most importantly, thank you, Haris, for never leaving my side and for being my constant support. you give me so much strength, couldn’t have come this far had it not been for you. we’re fighting and we’re winning for ourselves and for everyone who had been or could have been a victim of what we went through.”

Dua Mangi and Haris were previously spotted at the Aurat March 2020 as well. The duo has received a lot of love and prayers from Pakistan. We hope they continue to fight for justice and their rights.

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