Drug Addiction – Here’s How It Can Be Treated

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I studied about a worm in my biology book. That worm acts as a parasite and sucks all the food host. Its entire trunk is removed but if its head remains in the host it continues to proliferate, so is the case with drugs. Whenever we talk about battles and wars we always go to the conclusion but not at the beginning of that fact. War is the extreme level of extremity but what is the initiative we need to understand about it.

I think no one knows when a man was created, at that time two enemies also got their place in the skull of the human. These enemies are HEART and BRAIN. The tussle of these enemies has changed the world. Sometimes heart dominates and sometimes brain.

Source: The Recovery Village

Drug addiction in youth with the passage of time is the consequence of fight between these two rivals. According to my point of view, heart dominates in this matter because when a child changes to teenage, the levels of emotions are on their extreme. He can be easily diverted from one path to another that may be wrong if a virus is present in maturity. That virus loses the affinity of passion in youth. A kidney patient knows the importance of dialysis. If a youth nation becomes addicted to drugs that nation has to go through dialysis or transplant of skills, ideology, and respect. If not treated then there is a massacre of socialism. A drug-addicted person knows the importance of drugs not even of his life. As social evils weaken our society, drugs weaken our mental level.

Source: Morocco World News

The nation expects its youth to stand pillars of prosperity but if the same youth become a victim of slow death poisons (drugs) then they become dust particles in society atmosphere always irritating its people as they lack enthusiasm and will to stand. If we want to strengthen our youth morally and creatively then we have to satisfy their both sides of heart and brain to gain attraction and a will to do positive. God has gifted everyone a unique talent. Just we have to give shape to it and it will overtake the nervous illness of drugs.

Source: Sudhir Pai

To defeat drugs we have to win our brains by energizing it and it can be only done by providing a platform to youth to enhance their physical and mental abilities so that they differentiate what is wrong and what is right for them. It will prevent them from many morale diseases.

As we know that economics is also one of the pillars which participate in nation’s prosperity, we are under developing country even after the 70 years of freedom. The main problem is that we cannot build developing thoughts or ideas in our minds because our minds are infected by infections caused by drugs. There is a need to move our step towards stairs of success. For that purpose, our youth has to play its role.

When we come from unity to an individual level, then drugs also affect our blood relations. When a newborn baby gets the breeze of the world through its mind, he is attracted by the unwanted colors of the world as well. Parents expect their child to rise in fall but those who are drug addicted actually fall at their rising stage. We should provide those incentives to our youth in their nests so that they feel comfortable.

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