This Chinese E-Commerce Giant Has Kicked Off Drone Delivery And It’s Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Faster. Safer. Reliable. That’s what you want when you order your goods online. Delivery by road? Good. Delivery by air? Brilliant! And one Chinese e-commerce giant has heard your voice. The Beijing-based online retailer has taken goods delivery to a whole new level. The needful is done by air. The retailer has unveiled a fleet of self-developed drones to use for delivering orders.

It is a trial by the retail giant in rural China. The project begins by testing drop-offs outside of Beijing and in other provinces namely, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, and Sichuan. China’s “Singles’ Day” Shopping Festival past Friday was chosen for Drone trials. The Singles’ Day is the world’s largest online shopping festival and sales of more than $ 17 Billion were made this time.



The company is planning to use the drones to send the parcels to the base closest to the address where the order is to be delivered. When the parcel reaches the base it is then taken to the customer’s door by a representative.

The Chinese know their game pretty well and who knows what they will come up with next. But don’t worry, Parhlo will keep you updated.

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