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Dressing Sense For Men: Things You Should Do To Attract The Ladies!

Dressing Sense For Men

Dressing up as a guy can be a tricky business. There aren’t nearly as many ways we guys can dress up as there are for girls. Which is a good thing and a bad thing both? In terms of style advice, there is little to no for men in Pakistan. That is why I am bringing you this list of things you can do to better your game! IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!

Find your style

First and the most important thing you have to do is decide what is your style. Are you a serious guy, a wild card, a bad boy or a good boy. Whatever you think you are should be the way to go.

OKAY! I am sorry I’ll be realistic now. By finding your style I mean, finding your go-to, everyday look. This everyday look should be something you are comfortable with. This “comfortable look” doesn’t mean sweatpants and a tank top. By this, I mean a middle ground between what you find attractive on you and what others find attractive on you.

Dress like a grown-up and not a teenager

NO SNAPBACKS, NO GREEN SNEAKERS, NO ARSENAL AND MANU WRIST BANDS! Stop dressing like how you did in the 10th grade. None of the brooding and badass men in this world wear snapbacks or wrist bands of sports teams. The only appropriate time to wear sports team merchandise is at their game.

If you want to look attractive dress to look mature. Believe it or not, maturity is quite sexy in a man. After a certain age, the cartoon tees and a shirt over a T-Shirt style look immature and dumb.

Teenage fashion A BIG NO NO!

Ditch the graphic tees

I will make an educated assumption that the guys who will read this won’t be 10-12-year-old kids. So, assuming that I will say that GRAPHIC TEES ARE A BIG NO NO! Do you like star wars? of course, you do but, there is no need to be a man-child and wear a shirt that says “May the force be with you” JUST DONT DO IT!

Instead of wearing such T-shirts opt for wearing plain or striped Tees. A company logo, like on this Ralph Lauren shirt doesn’t hurt as well.

Ralph Lauren white Tee

Source: EDGE 99

Wear what fits best

This has to be the most important ‘dressing sense for men’ tip out there. Looking good is as simple as finding something that fits you well. The better the fit the sharper you will look. Find something that fits your shoulders, arms, and chest well. Whether it is a shirt or a T-shirt, it should not be too tight or too loose.

With T-shirts a basic rule to look good is. Sleeves should be short, to expose your triceps and it shouldn’t be longer than the middle of the fly of your jeans.

With shirts, the rule goes like this. Your shirt should button at your wrist with no excess left above. The sleeve seam should be on the edge of your shoulder and the color should be neatly ironed.

Ditch the baggy jeans

This point is a continuation of my last point. The fit matters a lot. Not only that, baggy jeans have been out of fashion for over a decade now and thank god it went away. Choose straight slim fit jeans. All you need are three types of jeans. one dark wash, one light wash, and one black. All of them, slim fit.

And please for the love of god stop sagging your jeans. This is not attractive and never was.

Guy wearing saggy jeans

Source: New York Times

Change it up, get out of your comfort zone

Wearing jeans day in and day out could get dull after a while. I am here to tell you that you can wear Chinos casually as well. So, instead of slipping on your jeans try going for something different. Get a pair of chino, get a white shirt and leave it untucked. Then walk down the street knowing that you are making heads turn!

A guy walking on pavement

Source: deoveritas

Upgrade the shoe closet

Shoes are the first thing that anyone notices in your entire outfit. So, having a killer shoe game should be your top priority. Ditch the boat shoes, stop wearing loafers underneath jeans and start rocking some men staple footwear.

Here is a list of must-have shoes

  1. black converse all-stars
  2. White sneakers (Sporty)
  3. Brown Chelsea boots
  4. Black oxford shoes
  5. Black sneakers (Sporty)

Ditch the joggers and loafers and opt for some more stylish footwear. Believe me, you’ll thank me later!

A naked wrist is a boring wrist

Invest in a good wristwatch. Get two watches one with a leather strap and make it a brown one. The second watch with a stainless steel chain. Keep the leather strap watch for formal wear and the chain watch for everyday wear.

Also, don’t leave your right hand naked. There are a lot of things you can wear, like stainless steel bracelets; like these.


CK and Gucci wrist chains

Just remember to refrain from bracelets when you are dressing for a formal event. This brings me to my next point

Dress for the time and place

This something very important. You don’t want to show up at your friend’s party in a tuxedo unless it is his wedding. So knowing which setting you are going to be in is key in looking good. No one likes a slacker at a black-tie event.

So keep in mind, if it is a formal party stick to suits and tuxedos. If it is semi-formal, a shirt with dress pants will suffice. If it is a friendly get-together a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt is good enough.

Workout to look better

Let’s face it, dudes who have good bodies look better in the same clothing a skinny or a heavy guy is wearing. So it won’t kill you to start working out a little bit. Trust me you would look way better in your clothes if your arms, chest, and shoulders are a little bigger and more defined. Your clothes will feel better and you will have more confidence to show yourself off.

Zac efron body comparison from skinny to buff

From skinny Teenager to a BUFF BADASS

You don’t need to live in the gym. Just 4 days a week working every body part one time a week and you are set. Trust me this will help you in the long run. Just look at how Zac Efron changed.


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