“Mere Sath Wohi Hona Chaiye Jo Meine Julie Ke Sath Kia” Dramatic Jajja Badmash Says It All

The transgender community in Pakistan has never seen the respect or regards, the recent chain of events have proven that Pakistan is failing to secure the rights of minorities. The brutal killing of Alisha in Peshawar who lost her life due to the negligence of hospital’s staff and the recent attack on Julie in Sialkot by Jajja Badmash is a proof to that.

But you reap as you sow. Jajja Badmash who was accused of beating and abusing Julie for being unfaithful to him(according to his fabricated story), burst into tears when the police asked him to dance like Khwaja Sara. In his interview to a private channel, he took the responsibility of his sinful act and requested the police to punish him in the same way. He also said that both of his wives and children have left him.

Jajja from Sialkot Started Rona in front of Camera by flakyvideos

Due to the lack of the execution of laws, these sort of incidents are increasing. The hatred among the Pakistani society for the transgenders is not new. Their parents throw them out, and if they survive under the head of transgender communities, our society cuts them off through their behavior. Even the educated people never think about the protection of their rights.

Most of the transgenders avoid traveling in public transport because of “inhumane” behavior of people. I saw it once when I was traveling in a bus, and as a group of transgenders entered the bus, all the women started shouting to let them down or return their fares.

Unfortunately, people like Jajja Badmash are one of those who showed his “mardangi” and “ghairat” in the way our society taught him. People like him never think of anyone’s rights.

But now, when the police arrested him and he hit his head against the wall, it reminded me of the story I learned in my childhood. “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni” I hope the government will take action against people like Jajja Badmash, who didn’t get exposure through social media.

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