In the end, a note on the status of PTV Sports: While there is not doubt that Dr. Nauman Niaz is a brand in Pakistan, the statement that PTV Sports is not run on taxpayers’ money is a bizarre statement to make by the Director of the channel. While there is no doubt that PTV Sports generates revenue on its own, it is still a part of the PTVC network and falls under the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage and is owned by the state. Hence, the taxpayers own it. Even if you earn money through your channel, you owe a duty to the taxpayers to be responsible with it. In fact, every single second of airtime is paid for or owned by the people of Pakistan. Accountability is not just for the people who run sports in this country but also for those who broadcast it on taxpayers’ dime.”

More power to people like Haider who have the courage and logic of countering heedless and needless attacks against them and putting an end to the corporate/government employee bullying culture.