Dr. Yasmin Rashid: Pakistan’s Unsung Hero Fighting Against COVID For You Despite Having Cancer

dr yasmin rashid

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid on Monday reviewed the emerging pandemic situation and the status of available and required facilities. Despite her own medical condition, the 70-year-old works day and night to deal with emergency situations amid the pandemic.

Dr. Rashid underwent breast cancer surgery only five months back. Fortunately, the treatment was successful, and she is in stable condition. But she is still undergoing chemo. Nonetheless, she can be seen working tirelessly during the widespread coronavirus in the country.

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The way she is managing her duties during this pandemic while battling with her treatment for cancer is truly extraordinary.

The health minister reviewed the capacity of the system and the status of the availability of more beds for COVID-19 patients. Special Secretary SH&ME Silwat Saeed and Consultant Asad Aslam Khan gave a presentation on the status of availability of beds, oxygenated beds, and other facilities.

Dr. Rashid said, “We are increasing the reserved beds for Corona patients at government hospitals. We are now increasing the number of ventilators and oxygenated beds due to rising number of cases. The situation is being monitored on daily basis.”

“All directions of the NCOC ate being monitored and all SOPs are being implemented. We are constantly in touch with the NDMA for ventilators,” the minister added. “Oxygen stock and supply are adequate. I request people to use masks. All required facilities for Corona patients are available at public sector hospitals. The vaccination process is underway as per target in Punjab.”

Twittersphere applauds the dedicated minister

Not only is she an unsung hero of our country but also a role model for politicians, ministers, and doctors. Dr. Rashid’s dedication to her work is a reiteration of the noble concept of truly serving the people, fighting a battle both inside and out. We pray for her swift recovery!

However, despite all these tireless efforts, people still could not care any less to wear a mask. Amid the alarming increase in corona cases, many food outlets continue serving food to customers in big cities after Iftar and before Sehri with little to no SOPs being followed. Just wearing a mask will protect us from the virus. Regardless, nobody seems to care!

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In the last 24 hours, Pakistan has reported 4,487 new coronavirus cases. More so, 142 people reportedly succumbed to the deadly virus.

The country has entered a state of chaos and turmoil with the emergence of the third wave of coronavirus. That being said, besides the most common symptoms highlighted by the National Health Service (NHS), seven new symptoms have been associated with the new strain of coronavirus. You must look out for them!

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