Meet Dr. Yarjan – Pakistan’s First Space Scientist At Cambridge University Who Has Become Our Country’s Pride!

Whenever it comes to achievements related to the Space industry, mostly English men hype the lead. Talking of when the American aeronautical engineer and astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person ever to land his feet on the Moon or be it Elon Musk, the South African born mastermind behind the successful Space X, they sure changed the mankind by their greatest approaches.

This time its Pakistan’s turn to be proud and show the world how much talent we have in this beautiful country. Belonging to a Balochi descent, Dr. Yarjan Abdul Samad from Pakistan has become the first ever Asian space scientist at the leading Britain University of Cambridge.

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According to sources, Dr. Yarjan told that he belongs to a small valley of Balochistan called Buleda and is currently working with the Cambridge Graphene Centre the Engineering Department of Cambridge University. Running in collaboration with the European Space Agency and other research institutions, Dr. Yarjan is surely earning great respect.

Meet Dr Yarjan Abdul Samad who is making Pakistan proud!

Talking to a leading news channel of Pakistan, Dr Yarjan said that “we are basically working on devices which are used in space. Our main focus right now is to make devices that can work without any energy or electric connections and these devices will provide colling the spacecraft while they are in space.”

“Our job is much similar to any country’s soldiers because we also don’t know that we’ll return or not. The job includes launching both type of flights; the parabolic ones and the sounding rockets as experiments. This can be replicated in Pakistan as well.” He added!

Furthermore, he said that this technology can be launched in Pakistan too. Dr. Yarjan is ready to share his life long experience and experiments with Pakistani space scientists and the department Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO).

Dr. Yarjan, along with his department is working on space-bound satellites that can system without any energy and electricity. During 3 years, the young Dr has several times performed experiments in zero gravity.

We wish Dr. Yarjan best of luck for his future endeavors and pray that he someday could work on something that benefits Pakistan too.

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