Meet Dr. Sheeza Mohsin – A Counselor Making Life Easier For ‘Desis’ Around the World

Dr. Sheeza

South Asian families might be considered as following an ‘obsolete’ way of life, but one that seems to balance out perfectly. Nobody knows this fact better than Dr. Sheeza Mohsin, a counselor who has been studying and working with families and desi households like none else, for almost 10 years.

With a Ph.D. in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University, Dr. Mohsin has been working with families and couples with impromptu real-life issues. Her clientele is full of professionals and leaders, along with laymen, spread across three continents.

Dr Sheeza Mohsin

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What does Dr. Sheeza do exactly?

Be it conflict in the marriage, issues caused by extended families or a couple’s personal issues based around their love-life, Dr. Sheeza has all corners covered. Her support and steadfast approach in helping the client tackle these complicated issues has become her forte. From identifying the issue to how to tackle it, Dr. Sheeza guides her clients on building stronger bonds for a healthier relationship.

Dr. Sheeza mostly helps diaspora clients from Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, who have migrated to other parts of the world. Before becoming a renowned counselor, Dr. Sheeza worked in Human Resources, which gave her insight into how work-life impacts personal life.

Dr. Sheeza’s immaculate work as a professional helps clients keep a balance between work and home. Apart from her work, Dr. Sheeza is extremely active in her community to create mental health awareness as well and continuously commits time to outreach and education about healthy relationships and Mental Health.

Behind Closed Doors – by Dr. Sheeza Mohsin

Dr. Sheeza Mohsin has recently written her own book titled ‘Behind Closed Doors’, now available on Amazon. The book is very unique considering all the details, opinions and experience Dr. Sheeza has penned to paper, are focused on South Asian experiences. Although it has a leaning toward immigrant South Asians, the book seems relatable to most of us struggling with conservative upbringing and new-age thinking.

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In ‘Behind Closed Doors’, Dr. Sheeza dissects the core causes of why individuals, couples and families struggle with tradition. It sheds light on how culture, values, and conventions affect our family lives. She outlines steps on how to start thinking about changing behaviors that are negative and stay mentally healthy.  The book serves as a remedy for many family problems that are taboo such as sexuality, marital issues like infidelity and taking care of aging parents and special needs children. Dr. Sheeza translates and replants these interventional methods in a very ‘desi’ manner. The stories she shares from the view of people who are experiencing the pain connect with many so they don’t feel alone.

Dr Sheeza Behind Closed Doors Mental

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Furthermore, the book helps individuals, couples and families realize the reason they have been struggling. This helps people work on their mistakes, issues, and reasons for the uninvited unhappiness. Moreover, Dr. Sheeza’s step-by-step guide to challenging and changing yourself helps in more ways than one can imagine, given we don’t have South Asian experts in Mental Health and relationships in any significant numbers.

So, if you really want to feel worthy and confident again, ignoring all your troubles, give ‘Behind Closed Doors’ a read as soon as possible.

Dr. Sheeza stands as one of the most renowned Pakistani counselors and her clientele has nothing but praise and prayers for her. Successfully helping hundreds of individuals overcome their problems, Dr. Sheeza also promotes being kind to yourself to help strengthen a healthy mind.

If you want to contact Dr. Sheeza Mohsin, here is how you can do it:

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We wish her the best of luck for the future, hoping that she continues to ease the suffering of others.

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