Renowned News Anchor Dr. Shahid Masood is Being Exposed by PPP’s Saeed Ghani and People Can’t Believe It

Dr. Shahid Masood has been in the television industry for as long as one could recall. He changed numerous channels but was always known for his potential reporting skills and his analysis on the political situations in Pakistan.

However, the past few days have been a turning event for the career of Dr. Shahid Masood. The news anchor, according to many, put fake allegations of People’s Party (PPP) Senator Saeed Ghani.

In an Interview Last Night, Dr. Shahid Masood Accused Saeed Ghani and Other PPP Members On a Number of Aspects, Including Corruption

PPP leaders mocked Dr. Shahid Masood for tweeting in the dismissal of Army jawan and things heated. In his response, Dr. Shahid accused Saeed Ghani and various many of living on the money of this country.

This Led to Saeed Ghani Openly Wanting a Discussion with Dr. Shahid Masood for the Blames he Made

He Shared with Media How he has Organized a Social Media Campaign of #ExposeShahidMasood for Locals to See Who Shahid Masood Really Is

Saeed Ghani Held a Press Conference Sharing How Shahid Masood Isn’t Ready to Talk to Him One-on-One

Because of the accusations he made, Saeed Ghani wants to talk to Shahid Masood for clarification, but given how the analyst isn’t coming, it is making the situation worse.

The Accusations Keep Increasing

Dr. Shahid Masood has yet to respond to the social media campaign held against him and address the matter. So far, he hasn’t done any of that, including not having a conversation with Saeed Ghani as well.

Given the political tensions in our country, let’s just hope this one ends without any side of the party getting hurt.

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