Late Dr. Maha Shah’s Brother Finally Opens Up On His Sister’s Tragic Departure

maha departure brother opens

The dismal departure of the elegant Dr. Maha has left Pakistan in relentless grief. Soon after the death of young Dr. Syeda Maha Shah, rumors across social media started spreading. However, recently, the brother of the late Dr Maha opens up after her departure and urged the public to abstain from spreading fake hearsay.

Reportedly, on Tuesday night, in a strange shooting incident, Dr. Syeda Maha Shah injured herself. The tragic episode occurred at her Karachi residence. As per sources, the family took Maha Shah to Jinnah Hospital in severe condition. Later on, as per the police and her family, Maha departed for the heavenly abode after she succumbed to her injury.

Anyhow, soon after her departure from this world, people started making several stories about Maha and her family, just before her brother opens up. Consequently, the brother of Dr. Maha, Syed Naade Ali Shah took on Facebook and urged people to stop spreading rumors.

Maha’s Brother wrote on his Facebook account. He said, “This post is for the people who have been misled regarding the death of my sister. Rather than believing anything you read on the internet you people can message me and ask me directly about what happened. yes, it will be devastating for me to repeat everything that happened but it wouldn’t be as devastating as it is to come across bullshit stories about my family. We were the happiest family. We loved each other and were each other’s best friends. My father loved maha more than anyone in this world. just message me and ask rather than believing rumors.

In another message the grieved brother asked the public to stop sharing her pictures. He said, “It’s a request please stop circulating fake news about my sister, and please stop sharing pictures that might disturb me and my family.”

The pain of Maha’s brother is evident from his social media posts. Hopefully, people will stop spreading fake news over the sensitive matter.

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