KPK Doctor Gives COVID-19 Victim Farewell Bath, Offers Funeral Prayer

Dr Sanaullah Besham

As they say, people differ in all the senses. Similarly, there are people who care for others, ethics, moral and humanity more than their own life. When the whole world is struggling to get over the COVID-19, a doctor in Besham, district Shangla, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Pakistan has done an extraordinary job.

The doctor gave a death bath and offered funeral prayer of a deceased infected of coronavirus. Everyone denied attending his funeral prayer or gave him a death bath. In these circumstances, the brave and courageous doctor without caring for himself did the job of a Maulana.

Doctor Sanaullah works in DHQ Besham. Besham is a town comes under the realm of district Shangla KP. In such times of adversity when the whole of Pakistan is locked down which is quite important, the doctor performed not only his duty but a duty a human being too.

Dr Sanaullah Besham

Source: Twitter

As per the viral pictures, the doctor with his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offered the funeral prayer of the departed soul.

In this adverse scenario, when even loved ones leave those test positive with COVID-19, the doctor showcased the world what humanity is. It only takes courage as the doctor was in his full protective gear. It doesn’t mean that doctor has done an indiscriminate job, he took all safety measures before the venture. The only thing which differs Dr. Sanaullah from others is his chivalry and gallantry approach.


People across Pakistan greatly admired the Nobel soul in the following manner.

Not only him but the whole of Pakistan is proud of him

He was careful, which can be seen in the pictures

The whole nation salutes Dr. Sanaullah

He is rational and brave as well.

The lethal pandemic is not leaving any stone unturned in the way causing a catastrophe. Doctors are the front line warriors and saviors of humanity at these touch-and-go times. However, doctors in Quetta were beaten by the police because they were demanding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Notwithstanding, the government acceded to their demand lately.

Above all, no matter what, medical the most Nobel profession and doctors are the most required people in these days. The government along with civil society must take measures to protect them on war-footings. Dr.Sanaullah will be remembered in history for his brave act.

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