Dr. Hussain A. Sattar – The Man Who Transformed The Teaching Of Medical Sciences

It wouldn’t be too farfetched to say that understanding pathological science at one point in time was a very difficult task. Even if you did manage to learn all the different names of the disease and correspond them to all the findings, there was still a major lacking.

Students did not know how to link them in a logical reasoning. There was no understanding of how a certain etiology is leading to the disease presentation. It felt illogical and the only way to make sense of things was to go through the thick books that were meant for experts in the field.

In this scenario, the only resource that was available was a book by Dr. Edward Goljan. But, even that was extremely large in size with no easy to digest information flow.

Dr. Hussain Abdul Sattar then came up with a small text book, solely designed for filling the gaps and helping students understand this subject properly. Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Dr. Sattar is one of the biggest names in medical teaching in the world.



His work has not only improved medical understanding among the students, it also laid down a very basic principle of efficient teaching; information that binds the entire topic together and helps students correlate.

He serves as an Assistant Professor of Pathology at the University of Chicago.

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