It Was A Big Duty To Play Dr. Hasnat: First Look Of Humayun Saeed In “The Crown” Released

humayun saeed dr hasnat

Finally revealed is the first image of Pakistani superstar Humayun Saeed in the upcoming season of the historical drama The Crown. In the fifth episode of the popular Netflix series, Saeed portrays Dr. Hasnat, the rumored boyfriend of the late Princess Diana.

Humayun Saeed As Dr Hasnat:

It was announced that Humayun Saeed will play a role of Dr. Hasnat . Saeed told about talking his character”Dr Hasnat Khan and Princess Diana were total opposites. He was a very ordinary man in every way and I feel this is what attracted Princess Diana to him. His nature and simplicity made him special to Princess Diana.”

The actress continued, “I haven’t portrayed a real-life character on television, and playing Dr. Hasnat Khan, who everyone knows thanks to Princess Diana, was a great responsibility. I have no doubt that the relationship’s simplicity and how it is depicted on TV will appeal to viewers.

In a previous interview, Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana in the fifth season, discussed working with the London Nahi Jaunga actor.

In an exclusive interview with EW, she said, “I truly adored Humayun – he was such a good performer, and such a nice person.” “When you perform stuff like that with an actor, you never know how it will feel. I consider myself very fortunate to have him, and he does a fantastic job, in my opinion.”

According to reports, Khan was referred to as “Mr Wonderful” by the “People’s Princess,” who also paid a visit to his family in Lahore in May 1996. According to reports, Diana’s acquaintances referred to Hasnat as the “love of her life” and talked about how upset she was when he broke things off with her in June 1997. Dr. Hasnat also came to Diana’s funeral service.

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