Female Anchor Dr. Fizza Akbar Fired from Private News Channel for Showing a Different Side of Government!

When it comes to speaking the truth in terms of Pakistani politics, or any other politics for the matter, not everyone is able to do so. Given how powerful these authorities are, people feel threatened to share the reality. We have heard how politicians have often bullied locals, such as journalists. We have also heard that the local channels have affiliations with government parties, which affects the credibility.

While all of this is just talk in the air, no one reveals the truth. The reason could be any – perhaps the fear or their commitment. However, this new anchor came out and revealed the truth.

Anchor Dr. Fiza Akbar Shared the Incident of How She was Fired by a Local Channel for Sharing the Truth!

The news anchor shared that she was treated in a bad manner when being fired from the channel for sharing the truth with Pakistan.

Dr. Fiza shared that she is still not sure why she was asked to leave, given how she helped Pakistanis see the side of politics not many were aware of. She stated that given her experience and years of working in this industry, she couldn’t understand what went wrong.

The experienced anchor has had issues earlier as well, and she kept addressing them. She shared that she has always maintained a professional attitude and does her job without being biased. However, she fails to understand why the news channel wouldn’t let her reveal the truth.

Here’s the Video:

Watch the complete video to hear her side of the story. The news channel, however, hasn’t spoken yet to address the matter.

Previously, Dr. Fiza made a video to address those who harass her on social space:

She has often shared that we need to support women and the journalists, should not be abused this way.

We need to support the truth and dig deeper into knowing what is happening in our country!

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