DPO Abbottabad Fulfills Dream Of Shaheed Constable’s Daughter In Heartwarming Gesture

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Not all heroes wear capes, some wear the uniform. We’ve been hearing this saying for quite a lot of time, but only seldom see it in practice. The District Police Officer (DPO) Abbottabad has now fit the description perfectly.

 DPO Abbottabad Yasir Afridi knows how to be more than just a law enforcement officer. The other day, the DPO did the unthinkable and fulfilled the wishes of a little girl. The girl, who is the daughter of a martyred police constable in Abbottabad, presented her wishes to the DPO.

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The girl wanted to visit her father’s office, which was the DPO’s office as well. Not only did DPO Afridi grant this permission, but he took it a step further. Along with a huge protocol of police vehicles and motorbikes, DPO Afridi reached the home of the little girl.

Presenting her with flowers and gifts, the DPO had her come to the office, in the full protocol – paying a rich tribute to her father and fulfilling the girl’s wish.

Upon arriving at the office, the girl was given a warm welcome by all police officers. Not only was the girl welcomed with love, but a tribute was also paid to her martyred father in the most heartwarming manner.

WATCH: DPO Abbottabad fulfills the dream of martyred constable’s daughter

ایبٹ آباد : شہید کانسٹیبل سید ظفر رضا کی ننھی بیٹی کی خواہش پر ڈی پی او ایبٹ آباد یاسر آفریدی نے اسکو اپنے ساتھ بائیک پر بٹھا کر آفس لے کر آئے۔

Gepostet von Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police am Donnerstag, 6. August 2020

Other family members of the slain constable and the girl were invited to the DPO office as well. The little girl was showered with rose petals and welcomed with the police band playing their official tunes.

After paying a tribute and giving her the visit of the DPO office, she was sat in a police SUV which belonged to the DPO’s office. With respect and salutes, the little girl was escorted back to her home.

Little things like these might not matter to many, but to the little girl, it was everything she dreamed of. Even though her father might not be around anymore, the DPO office made sure she didn’t notice it at the moment.

We salute the DPO Abbottabad for this genuine, warm, heart-melting gesture. More police officers need to show their human side with small gestures like these. Punjab Police recently paid a rich tribute to doctors fighting COVID-19 as well.

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