DPO Lodhran Installs Air-Coolers Inside Jails To Protect Prisoners From Hot Weather

Pakistan hot weather Police Air coolers

The summer season in Pakistan has taken full force. So horrifying is the heat that people are likely to have heat strokes and may fall ill due to the terrible humid temperature. Added to that, the ongoing electric load-shedding makes the heated weather far worse for the people. However, it is sometimes that goodness of heart and thoughtful thinking truly makes all the difference.

DPO Lodhran orders the installation of air coolers

He has ordered all Pakistan police stations across the province to get air coolers installed in lockups to beat the heat. And we couldn’t more impressed. Provided that although, people in the lockups are convicted of different crimes, at the end of the day they still are humans after all.

Pakistan hot weather Police Air coolers

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Seeing the rising heat and the humidity in this hot weather, many of the people are trying to assist the homeless and needy in different ways. Above all, the electric shutdown caused many to succumb to the torments of the heated weather. While this entire traumatic experience is too burdening for a normal citizen, life gets harder for people in lockups. To facilitate the people in lockups, DPO Lodhran is taking quite a good initiative.

Prisoners in Islam

Knowing the kind-hearted and humble reason behind this order truly is inspiring. The idea of allowing the prisoners to be at comfort is very refreshing and worth appreciating. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), made sure to remind us again and again, to treat prisoners with equity and dignity.

Pakistan hot weather Police Air coolers

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“And they give food, in spite of their love for it (or for the love of Him), to Miskin (poor), the orphan, and the captive”. ~ Surah Al-Insan

Even the Holy Quran quotes the importance of taking care of prisoners. Hence, it is truly inspiring to see the DPO Lodhran will be taking such good actions as guided by Islam. Moreover, it is quite saddening to see how the cases of police brutality have been increasing recently. It surely reawakens our faith and belief to see such good and humane actions taking place.

The initiative by DPO Lodhran Syed Karrar Hussain is not only appreciable rather it is a lesson to be learned by all. It is something, that every official must follow and keep in mind; that their duty is to the people, for the people, and by the people.

It amazes us to see that such kind hearts still exist between us. Just recently, a young boy who is doing O-levels used his extra time quite constructively too. Above all, these kind-hearted and humane acts of generosity are surely reaffirming and reawakening to one’s soul about the beauty of Islam and faith. We salute DPO Lodhran Syed Karrar Hussain for his thoughtful actions and we hope he doesn’t deter by them at any cost.

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