Isn’t Facebook Messenger Simply Convenient? Well, Here Is What You Did Not Know About It!

Why not to download Facebook messenger?

All the recent Facebook haters, holler at me!

Facebook is often silently accused for stepping into the user’s private space but this time, the sneaky glitch went viral. Facebook started removing the option to view our inbox from the main application and made it compulsory to download the messenger app to proceed to the inbox, as the only two options we had were ‘learn more’ and ‘install messenger’. But the code has been cracked which takes you to invasion free messaging through a loop hole.

When you click to open your messages on the main Facebook app and it prompts the download suggestion since it had moved your messages to an external application, you are just a few seconds away from the trick. Surprising, right?


Click on ‘Install Messenger’, yes you read it right, and let the download begin. A few seconds through the download stop the download, basically do not let it finish. In the meantime, your Facebook messages would have been transferred back to the main Facebook application. Tada! No more privacy concerns and worries that Facebook can invade your privacy without your permission. However, Facebook possibly will work around this loop hole but till then this is the survival plan aside from using the mobile browser.

Happy messaging, whether you were prompted to another download or not!




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