DOW University Students Are Begging the Current Government To Notice them and It Is Heartbreaking!

DOW University of Health Sciences is one of the leading and top institutes in Karachi. The institute was established in 1945 and thus far is one of the oldest, still functioning institutes in Pakistan, overall. Despite the university being in business for over 60 years, the negligence of the institute may cost the future careers of hundreds and thousands of potential students.

The Dental Campus of DOW Is Not Registered In the Pakistan Medical And Dental Council (PMDC)

PMDC functions as the statutory regulatory authority working under the Ministry of National Health Service Regulation and Coordination. PMDC is responsible for maintaining the official registration of medical practitioners in Pakistan.

Because of how DOW University Dental school is not registered in the PMDC, hundreds of students may or may not be able to secure professional opportunities or perhaps may find it difficult to enroll in specialization due to this trouble.

Students Are Now Asking the Current Government and Prime Minister Imran Khan to Take Notice Of This!

This Is Upsetting

What Is the Future of These Students Then?


This Requires Serious Attention

A Lot of Students Are Sharing their Concern Over this Matter

It is not their fault, yet they have to deal with this unfair baggage. They are paying their dues, they were enrolled on merit. Please provide these students with the quality of education they were promised when they enrolled themselves in DOW.


They DESERVE Justice!

Let’s hope someone comes forward and help the students of DOW Dental College in getting the sort of education and recognition they pay for.

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