“Don’t Skip It, Stream It”-MCU With Another TV Show On Board

TV Shows considered to be the new era of entertainment and every major studio shifting towards it. Same thing happened with Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Recently Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new TV shows released, which critically nailed it on streaming platform.

Marvel announced some major series in the upcoming months, among those one show, had managed to stun the audience with the story and twists that no one expected from it.

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WandaVision one of the most underrated characters from the Marvel Universe, the whole story revolves around these two protagonists and managed to pull off such an amazing series in such a way that people recommended others too.

MCU fans were waiting for the WandaVision’s ending to digest, but in couple of days another Marvel’s series aired and with only one episode grabbed its own fanbase.

“Falcon and the Winter Soldier” a show announced after few months of the post-Avengers: Endgame. As per the trailer, it made the marvel fans excited about the action because it holds all the action and drama.

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Now, is it worth watching it? Does it contain powerful characters and a story?

Without wasting any more time, let’s suit up and ready for the journey.

New Guards of the Captain’s Shield:

The creator of the Empire show Malcolm Spellman managed to showcase the real side of marvel cinematics as they had done with the films.

The show starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan who lead the whole show.

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The first episode created an impact, that Marvel ready to rule in the world of TV Show, which already proven by the WandaVision.

Plot Guideline:

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The show takes place after the Avengers: Endgame event, where Sam “The Falcon” Wilson team up with the Bucky Barnes aka “Winter Soldier” and maintain the relationship to complete the mission for which teamed up together.

The story showcased the aftermath of the snap, which happened five years ago and retuning back creating some difficulties for Sam.

Most impotantly, Sam was struggling financially, had to take care of his family but soldier paycheck couldn’t deliver that much to him.

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On the other hand, Bucky Barnes whose 104 years old, but still fights with the old memories that haunt him and let him do such things that he already regrets earlier. Seeking therapist and trying to do what his therapist guide him.

MCU Never Disaapoints

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In order words, it’s true, it sounds like emotional, social issues connecting with the whole drama and relating with the superhero. That’s what Marvel loves to do with their films and now with shows.

They don’t make superhero ultra-powerful, Marvel always let you feel that they feel emotions too.

The creators managed to dig deep down and focused on these two characters. They build the story with some aftermath situation and that’s what the audience wants to see.

Marvel’s kept balance in the story and did an outstanding job by connecting Marvel Cinematic Universe with the new line of plot. Everyone aware of Endgame’s ending, which left Falcon alone with the shield and now he had to continue the Captain America’s legacy.

Not only this show, in 2021 the MCU fans will witness some of the amazing shows lined up for them including Loki, Hawkeye and many more.

Knowing fact, that only one episode released, people now have to wait a week for the next episode but till now the response from the MCU fans seems reasonable, and want to invest more time in this new show.

What do you think of the story? Tell us in the comments section below.

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