This Donkey Was Brutally Abused By PTI Supporters At A Rally & It Is Blood-Curdling!

This Donkey Was Brutally Abused By PTI Supporters At A Rally & It Is Blood-Curdling!

This Donkey Was Brutally Abused By PTI Supporters At A Rally

It seems every new day, humanity dies a little more – while we claim to be pseudo-intellectuals and educated. A video of a donkey being abused has been making rounds on social media, with PTI supporters linking the animal to former PM Nawaz Sharif of PML-N. 

Many social media users condemned the abuse of a donkey by PTI supporters. Writer Fatima Bhutto recently took to Twitter and called out manhandling of the poor donkey. “Why do PTI keep abusing donkeys? What is the sick reasoning behind hurting a defenseless animal?”

Image: Twitter

She added in a separate tweet referencing a Guardian article she wrote about the matter in 2018, “They are not political symbols. They are living creatures. I was so upset by this vile culture in 2018, I wrote this.” She concluded, “It doesn’t look like very much has changed, sadly.”

PML-N. Comedian Shehzad Ghias also took the opportunity to call out PML-N supporters’ abuse of lions.

In the comments on Instagram underneath a news post related to the incident, VJ Anoushey Ashraf wrote, “Oh goodness! NOT GOOD. Stop animal abuse now!”

Actor Yashma Gill also chimed in, writing, “I don’t know when and how I will be able to sleep after watching this. When will this nation realize that we were not made ashraf ul makhluqat for this! Sick to my core.”  

Image: Instagram/Screengrab

Video of the incident:

WARNING! Some viewers may find the following video disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

In the aforementioned article of Bhutto, she had written, “On 17 July, PTI supporters in Karachi tied a donkey to a pole. They punched its face till its jaw broke, ripped open its nostrils, and drove a car into its body, leaving the animal to collapse, having been beaten to within an inch of his life”.

In 2018, PTI reacted to the abuse of donkeys via the party’s official Twitter handle, writing, “Shocked and saddened by this brutal beating of an animal that can not even speak for itself. It is the highest [form of] bullying behavior and no measure of anyone’s strength. PTI strongly condemns such acts of cruelty.”

Rampant abuse of animals is indeed a sad reflection of our society. The horrifying news one hears about animal abuse in Pakistan should make any human shudder with horror and shame.

We have witnessed animals being tortured to death. Burnt in zoos and also kept alive in miserable living conditions. Sadly, Pakistan is one of the few countries around with obsolete animal laws. This, in turn, allows people to torture animals with impunity.

We can only hope that this political fever does not harm or abuse innocent lives, either human or animal!

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