Can You Find Donald Trump’s Face In This Picture From Balochistan?

Trump face Balochistan

Social media is full of roller-coaster rides when talked about politics. In such times of crisis and dilemma, where, the novel coronavirus pandemic sustains its move in dragging countless people to hell, everyone is staying at home due to lockdown.

Despite all the fuss, it seems as if the internet has surely fabricated its own way to fan-out mirth. Today’s spotlight shines on US President Donald Trump, as someone has managed to discover a mountain with his face on it.

Owing to the hilarious post on Facebook, someone actually managed to discover an incarnation of Donald Trump’s face. A page titled ‘Balochistan patriots’ shared a mobile captured photo of the stupendous area in Khuzdar.

Check out these pictures and see if you can find Trump’s face!

donald trump picture

Image: Balochistan Patriots

Just to put into perspective, this is how Trump looks from his side pose.

Trump face in Balochistan

Source: parhlo/facebook

Game of Doppelgangers!

This is not the first time, Trump has been trolled in such a manner. Previously, a quite exaggerating picture of the US president got leaked. Seemingly, a person managed to take his photo, dramatizing his tan lines. The editor of the image left dark orange streaks along the top of his face, making him resemble a cat.

Despite it being photoshopped, his cat face lit up many social media platforms as people started to tweet his photo, passing on hilarious comments.

donald trump picture

Image: Internet News Cast

Nevertheless, we have seen doppelgangers of celebrities so many times that now there is hardly anyone who can deny their existence. We are pretty sure everyone has a lookalike, that might be roaming in this world as of now. Speaking of which, a social media user accidentally, happened to found Pakistan’s ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s Doppelganger.

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